up: o down: l

control: Arrow

drop grasmaaier: v

(owner: steen en sem)
power up: Arrow up
power down: Arrow down
up: i
down: k
left: Arrow left
right: Arrow right

(play in zero mode)
left: Arrow left
right: Arrow right
up: k
down: i
power up: Arrow up
power down: Arrow down

(play in zero mode)
controls:turn on engines,up arrow to go down,down arrow to go up,to turn is right and left arrows,``v´´to drop bombs ``k´´to detonate bombs,and...last thing,``c´´to launch missles...HAVE FUNN!!!
have fun
Super Machine but with so much controls -_- :D
Use: arrows to move weels.
"I" and "K" to switch on the helicopter.
"J" and "L" to move horizontally.
"U" and "O" to spin itself.
"up and down arrow" to go forwards or backwards

I set the controls as easier as I could.
A machine with easy controls... but cool !! :D enjoy !!
Something I've been working on for a few hours. Steering is done with arrow keys, Landing gear is H + 8 or 2. Bombs are numbered 1 to 6, and to release the glider its P. Engines are O. Needs the Old Metal mod for the skins. Have Fun !
L.Alt - UP
L.Ctrl - DOWN
Arrows - Forward, Back, Left, Right

T - TPV (Camera)

P - Remove pin
This Helicopter Is Used By United States Air Force. Feel Free To Download!
You just have to drop it from a height and press y .
wait for about 5 sec until the bomb starts shaking then press Q
R,T,Y,U TO let go of the wings
This is a some-what accurate copy of the UH-1 codename ''Huey'' from the Vietnam war.The rotors are not accurate in the slightest but they do the job,it also features a tail rotor used for stabilization and yaw turns.It has 4 cannons (two on each door),and some rockets,it currently doesnt have an ability to transport stuff but in later versions i will make sure to and a more complex frame.

Collective up: lshift
Collective down :lctrl
Yaw left:left arrow key
Yaw Right:right arrow key

rest of the controls can be found in=game
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30 rockets, 5 bombs and 2 missiles.

start engine: page up
accelerate and decelerate: arrow keys up and down
pitch and roll: numpads 4, 5, 6, 8, arrows left and right
boost: left shift
rockets: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (in this order)
decoupler: backspace
bombs: 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0
missiles: - and =
A fast jet made entirely from Vanilla parts. No mods
*There are 3 engines
1-toggles the 1st engine
2-toggles the 2nd engine
T-hold for 3rd engine
Arrows keys-for roll and lift
R-yaw right
y-yaw left
H-raise front wheels
To lift off
1. Press H to raise front wheels
2. Activate all engines (hold "T' too)
3. Lift off! (hold down arrow)
4. You can fly normally with just the 1st and 2nd engines.
5. Activating the 1st engine only mid flight will still fly very slow
6. Activating 2nd engine only will be slower .
7. Finally holding T only will be the slowest setting
Just a simple plane
My first successful implementation of a swashplate. Please comment any ways to improve it or just general helicopter tips.
wip ICBM for besiege

arrow keys controls the tilt
y to launch
v to release bombs
Rocket that flies without 0G!

You can modify it as u want.You can even have an astronaut!
[ What category does this even fit as; it's supposed to fly, cant fly yet, shoots stuff, designed to destroy, and has wheels ]

Way back then I was working on a different mechanism that was also the thing I made now, the front section of the COD IF Jackal. I gave up and the idea remained dormant until now, because a better -end pc allows the construction of a laggier contraption. You may have seen the lag that the F-24 does [], and building a laggier thing on the same laptop basically broke the laptop AND the game. So i decided to start over now.


-Doors[ The hatches that open up the shell to let something out and in ]-
Weapon Covers {LeftArrow} {RightArrow}
Front Landing Gear {Num8} {Num7}

30mm Gren [J]
50m Pathfinder [H]

The amount of controls are too complicated to talk about so:
Landing Gear Down - {Starts down, press 3 to fully extend, after that extension is hold 1, press 4, hold 5, press 3}
Landing Gear up - {press 3, press 4, hold 6, hold 2}
Open weapons door, press 7, then press consecutively -780 to extend Grens, 097 to extend Pathfinders
Cockpit Glass {up arrow and down arrow}

If in doubt, look at the keymapping.
it flighs
This (03)QuadCopter is fully functional and has a 6-axis gyroscopic control. It doesn't take long to get used to and can is level legal ( Can be placed inside the bounding box).
Third-person: Num.1
Undercam: Num. 2
FPV: Num.3
Rotation (LR): H+K
Tilt (For+Back): Up Arr. + Down Arr.
Tilt(LR): L Arr. + R Arr.
Ascend: U
Descend: J
Subscribe to: Dishan 03 ( )
This (03)QuadCopter is fully functional and has a 6-axis gyroscopic control. It doesn't take long to get used to and can is level legal ( Can be placed inside the bounding box).
Third-person: Num.1
Undercam: Num. 2
FPV: Num.3
Rotation (LR): H+K
Tilt (For+Back): Up Arr. + Down Arr.
Tilt(LR): L Arr. + R Arr.
Ascend: U
Descend: J
Subscribe to: Dishan 03 ( )

press 1 or 2
press 1 to drop big, 2 for smol
press 1 to drop big, 2 for smol
press 1 and/or 2 to drop. 2 is weaker btw
la maquina se mueve con las flechas normales y vuela con shift derecho

disfrta utilisarlo y te servira para niveles aereos
Num Pad and Arrows to control
Used as little "heavy" modding as possible, having only changed the values on the crossbows and steam cannons beyond vanilla restraints; then simply used the building tools mod. Scaled pretty sure less than six blocks and just for aesthetics (in cockpit view). Uses vanilla mechanical RTC steering; they key here is its non-inverted cause I'm weird. F is to toggle to cockpit view, y is to start the engines as well as the flame throwers which ignite the arrows (turn on infinite ammo for sure, and arrows light a good percentage of the time), up down left right for steering. Pretty agile/manoeuvrable plane for it's size, does about 360 kph avg according to in game spedo
decollo: "O"
No mods required! An attack helicopter with the ability to beat almost any level where you kill or shoot things with just it's onboard projecticle weaponry; I beat all of Ipsilon and most of Tobrynd with it. Highly rugged, can take dozens of axes and arrows before some sort of damage makes it unflyable.

If you don't understand the basic principles of helicopter piloting, google them before flying the aircraft

Controls: Movement
Start/Stop engine: I
Increase/Decrease Thrust W/S
Roll Left/Right Q/E
Yaw and Pitch: Arrow Keys
If smoke comes from engines decrease thrust
If on a ramming run you have insufficient control authority to lift off the ground, increase thrust.

Takeoff/Landing instructions: To Take off, activate engine and increase thrust. To land, decrease thrust until aircraft descends at a desired speed, optionally, arrest that speed by increasing thrust before touchdown.

Weapon Controls/Usage
Crossbows: (x26)
Fire Left crossbows: LShift
Fire Right crossbows: LControl
When strafing targets, for accuracy, hover in front of target and line up shots. Or strafe while moving and waste ammo. It's up to you.

Cannons: 1 and 3 to fire outer pairs, 2 to fire primary central pair, secondary central pair is linked to rockets.

Rockets: T to fire 2 rockets and cannons

Ramming: Preferably after crossbows are empty, cuz it involves sliding the logs they are mounted on along the ground. Using low engine power descend to the ground, pitch down, roll so that one side of the front of the gunship touches the ground and slide across, keeping track straight with yaw adjustments.

ruski puksi stalin communist shower
Forward/Backward : L ctrl/L Shift
Pitch/Yaw : Arrow keys
arrow keys to fly
Y and X to rotate
More stable version of Scorpion now with missiles
go up (t)
go down (g)
ballista (h)
missiles (comma)(period)(shift)
bombs 5,6,7,8
Controls :
Up (T)
Down (G)
Front,Back,Left,Right (Arrows)
bombs 5,6,7,8
????? ?????
A zepelin with alot of firepower

1, 2, 3 and 4 is Missiles
5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 is Bombs + missiles
C - Harpoons
Comma and Period to go up and down
Arrow keys to navigate
its a wooden block that flies......simple
Installed Counterpoise-Module. Very easy to control.
F=Shift Left
H=Shift Right
R=Turn Right
Y=Turn Left
z-Turn around camera to left
x-Turn around to right
c-turn up camera
v-turn down camera
ctrl, alt-fly up and down
f-camera channels
up =fly
8=avancer vers l avant
4=tourner a gauche
6=a droite
fleche droite et gauche descendre

ceci est une version beta du quad bomber
la version finale est en cours
up =fly
8=avancer vers l avant
4=tourner a gauche
6=a droite
fleche droite et gauche descendre

ceci est une version beta du quad bomber
la version finale est en cours
Help me to finish the construction of the atom of the wobbling of the blades, I'm not good at it if it turns out that it will greatly change the helicopters, the helicopters will be more manageable and maneuverable as in reality I hope there are people who play Besiege smarter than me
This is an airplane which is easy to fly and control

1= Toggled Propeller Forward
Right arrow key=Turn Right
Left arrow key=Turn Left
Up arrow key=Go Downwards
Down arrow key=Go Upwards
V= Drop Bomb
IMPORTANT : You need a keyboard with number pad to fly this plane. Fly this in Barren Expense

Basic Controls
??? ? = Throttle, Brake + Spoilers, Yaw left or right ( Numpad 0 to retract Spoilers)
Numpad 5,8,4,6 = Up, Down, Left Right
Numpad Enter, + = Elevator Trim Up or Down
U,H,K = Taxiing throttle, Tiller Left or right
Numpad *,- = Landing Gear Up or Down

Instructions ( if you don't know how to fly a real plane. )
To takeoff, first hold down "Enter" and "0" key on your number pad for 1 second. Then hold "Uparrow" and "5" ( on num pad ) and the plane will go into the air. Hold "*" ( on num pad ) to retract landing gear. ( "-" key to drop it )
If the aircraft keeps pitching up or down, press Numpad Enter or + to adjust.

Instructions ( if you know how to fly a real plane )
Elevator controlled by Numpad 8 and 5, ailerons by 4 and 6 and rudder by ? and ?. Numpad Enter and + is for elevator trim.
Rotation speed is 130km/h or 70kias, Vref is 100km/h or 54kias, land with Vref + 10kts.
Avoid bank over 10 degrees, turn with full rudder. Make sure tiller is centered before takeoff roll, landing.
Vmo = 310km/h or 167kias
Warning : This aircraft has very high drag and thus does not glide very well and stall easily with engines at idle.
Stall Recovery Procedure : Center Elevator trim, apply full thrust, pitch down. Do NOT pitch down to over -5 degrees. Doing so may cause overspeeding and damage airframe structure.
Flare carefully, this aircraft is very prone to floating.

Pitch Yaw Roll: I, K, J, L, U, O
Drop bombs: Menu
Cannon: Alt
active the zero gravity and fly with T
super pooper simple.
Can fly.But, steering is hard(758 blocks):/
Hello again! I've already put a helicopter on a coaxial system ,but he was not very good:( I made a new version . It is not big, plans as the plane , a little awkward but he's pretty manevery in contrast to model 1 ( 1 model) management is still the same but for those who did not fly on 1 model, write left Shift and left Ctrl to put the arrow F from the camera.Good luck!
Hi!I want to present you my first build!A helicopter on a coaxial system,he can't shoot and so on.But it is easily managed,I am from Russia and know how they work) (as the same we do not have on red square bears with balalaika), And so controls: left shift taking off, the left Ctrl to put the arrows direction f of the camera(no Screenshots)But it is impressive) good Luck!
So presta no sem gravidade ou no normal mesmo
Lance avion kamikaze...
This is just a basic, easy-to-control fighter.

Pitch - up and down arrow keys
Yaw - left and right arrow keys
Bombs - 1, 2, 3
Crossbows - c
Hi guys, that's one of my most loved creations... it's ugly but really agile and funny to play :D

I used to fly it in the sandbox (for training) with infinit-ammo. Once you get confortable with it you gonna be surprised by his manouvrability!

Landing gear: N (rise) B (deploy)

Engine start/off: Y

Pitch up: Down arrow

Pitch down: Up arrow

Yawing left/right: T/U

Roll left/right: Left arrow/Right arrow

Rockets: 1 (num)

Bombs: 2 (num)

Gun: C

Enjoy :)
you know the drill

Left-Move Left
Right-Move Right
Q-Rotate Anti Clockwise
E-Rotate Clockwise


It Is Hard (ish) To Control
I follow the red baron advice and it work eazy to drive not to fast good for glide plane.i use the bearded beast self fliying machine and combine into a plene it work that real story.
arrows keys
N and M for landing

thanks angain red baron
i hope anyone like it
up: z
down: x
forward: 8
backward: 5
left: 4
right: 6
rotate left: 7
rotate right: 9
open door: 1, 2
cannon, crossbow: c, v, b
first person: q
control missles base: t, f, g, h
lauch missles: 1, 2, 3, ,4 ,5, 6 (NOT NUMBER PAD)
magic? i have no mods v0.45
sort of easy to control... 3 ever plane built so don't expect much...
T, G = Up, Down
F, H = Left, Right
C = Start Engine
Backwards Arrow = Stop Engine
V = Drop Bomb
1 = Camera
Helibomber designed to lift things up. That's it.
Just a gunship variation of the helibomber.
It's the same design, but with a touch of fire.... ok lots of fire. Used to wipe out infantry and sheep. You can figure it out..... alt and control used to accelerate and fall, while q and e move the rotors forward and back.
Designed using the heli-bomber idea, it has drills mounted to it for drilling air vehicles or the tower in the last level.
up/down: m/n
turret up/down: up arrow/down arrow
turret left/right: left arrow/right arrow
This is an improvement to the last enterprise I made. This version's controls are a little different and its speed is about the same however the next one I release should be faster and a lot smoother to run. If you like sleek designs then tell me how to install mods and I will work on it. One last thing is that you can still mess with the design of it and that is part of the reason I keep my creation vanilla.

I will release more content soon and hopefully get mods.
un jet de combate muy agil y rapido con controles muy comodos acelerar left shitf subir flecha abajo acender flecha arriba girar a la izquierda flecha izquierda girar a la derecha flecha derecha
un missile courte distance touche o faire partir le missile flèches gauches et droites inclinaison missile
Machine is very simply to operate

Left Bank - Left arrow key
Right Bank - Right Arrow Key
Nose Up - Up Arrow Key
Nose Down - Down Arrow Key
Yaw Right - E
Yaw Left - Q
Fire Arrows - C
Fly: O
Steering: right/left shift
shoot: C