Hi guys, that's one of my most loved creations... it's ugly but really agile and funny to play :D

I used to fly it in the sandbox (for training) with infinit-ammo. Once you get confortable with it you gonna be surprised by his manouvrability!

Landing gear: N (rise) B (deploy)

Engine start/off: Y

Pitch up: Down arrow

Pitch down: Up arrow

Yawing left/right: T/U

Roll left/right: Left arrow/Right arrow

Rockets: 1 (num)

Bombs: 2 (num)

Gun: C

Enjoy :)
you know the drill

Left-Move Left
Right-Move Right
Q-Rotate Anti Clockwise
E-Rotate Clockwise


It Is Hard (ish) To Control
I follow the red baron advice and it work eazy to drive not to fast good for glide plane.i use the bearded beast self fliying machine and combine into a plene it work that real story.
arrows keys
N and M for landing

thanks angain red baron
i hope anyone like it
up: z
down: x
forward: 8
backward: 5
left: 4
right: 6
rotate left: 7
rotate right: 9
open door: 1, 2
cannon, crossbow: c, v, b
first person: q
control missles base: t, f, g, h
lauch missles: 1, 2, 3, ,4 ,5, 6 (NOT NUMBER PAD)
magic? i have no mods v0.45
hello,today i done my 3 days work,hope you like it ;)

I-K-L-J:aim the cannon C-to shoot

T-G-F-H : control helicopter

arrow up-down : fly up-down

arrow left-right : steer left right

n-m : for grabbers to lift up-down rightCTRL to detach grabbed items

NUM 12345678 to drop the bombs

ATTENTION-before you shoot with the cannon you must drop atleast first bomb(NUM1) if you shoot before dropping bombs you will explode


sort of easy to control... 3 ever plane built so don't expect much...
T, G = Up, Down
F, H = Left, Right
C = Start Engine
Backwards Arrow = Stop Engine
V = Drop Bomb
1 = Camera
Helibomber designed to lift things up. That's it.
Just a gunship variation of the helibomber.
It's the same design, but with a touch of fire.... ok lots of fire. Used to wipe out infantry and sheep. You can figure it out..... alt and control used to accelerate and fall, while q and e move the rotors forward and back.
Designed using the heli-bomber idea, it has drills mounted to it for drilling air vehicles or the tower in the last level.
up/down: m/n
turret up/down: up arrow/down arrow
turret left/right: left arrow/right arrow
This is an improvement to the last enterprise I made. This version's controls are a little different and its speed is about the same however the next one I release should be faster and a lot smoother to run. If you like sleek designs then tell me how to install mods and I will work on it. One last thing is that you can still mess with the design of it and that is part of the reason I keep my creation vanilla.

I will release more content soon and hopefully get mods.
un jet de combate muy agil y rapido con controles muy comodos acelerar left shitf subir flecha abajo acender flecha arriba girar a la izquierda flecha izquierda girar a la derecha flecha derecha
un missile courte distance touche o faire partir le missile flèches gauches et droites inclinaison missile
Machine is very simply to operate

Left Bank - Left arrow key
Right Bank - Right Arrow Key
Nose Up - Up Arrow Key
Nose Down - Down Arrow Key
Yaw Right - E
Yaw Left - Q
Fire Arrows - C
Fly: O
Steering: right/left shift
shoot: C
Hello pls read this before using this
up and down-up arrow down arrow note:controls for up and down are inverted
start rockets-right shift
right and left-right arrow left arrow
wheels up and down-period and backslash

note:PLEASE READ THIS to fly properly pls press semicolon

Have Fun!!!!!!
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The controls are E-Q to fly and UP ARROW-DOWN ARROW-for forward and backward LEFT-RIGHT ARROW- for steering


F-for cannons 1-2 for bombs

well its stable but have fun from my creation

do crazy stuffzszs

well now stop reading and play my creation

you really still reading :T

now stop reading! >:T

stop- *beeeeeeeeepp*

:the call has been ended:
u should learn by ur self 5555555555555555555555555 hahahaha
I couldn't remember my password and the password recovery is broken. So I made a new account why not! I haven't been playing besiege lately and I started to play it again. I will start uploading periodically. I changed my name to Polo5 because I'm not particularly fond of bananas anymore. Also don't download this file.
O=go up
L=go down
up down left and right to go forwards, backwards, left and right.
the mashine can fly and is realy easy to control
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arrow keys for tilting the helicopter
o for ascending
k and ö for rotation
and c to fire cannons and let bombs fall
i made this wierd thing!

just press up arrow to go!
put it on invinsible mode ok!
A good, stable heli with multiple camera angles including cockpit and landing gear/bomb cam. My first upload
uses w,a,s,d f to activete camera v to more faster c to low velocity q and e to up and down
Pitch: u,j
Roll: y,i
Yaw: h,k

a helicopter with 2 roters
Il a une très grande vitesse et est très maniable !
it is just a little helicopter controls: up=w; rotate=q,e; tilt= up arrow, down arrow, left arrow, right arrow
Arrow keys, Right Ctrl, Right Shift

Works without god modes; use the Colors skin pack
easy to control
You can change it if you want. feel free
P.S its long dragon
Realize the controls yourselves.. muhaha >:D
Height: ctrl, shift
Steering: Arrow keys
Cameras: c and f
Rockets: 1
Boombs: 2
This is my first helicopter
Arrows for pitch and yaw
Z -go up
X-go down
Irányítás: Bal Shift:elengedés+els? repül? blokk indítás fel nyíl:fel le nyíl:le bal/jobb nyíl:jobbra/barra
The copter fits in the boundary box, and has a rotating drill and saws on the bottom that can be exchanged for anything else, even a grabber for some missions! Very easy to control, stays upright 90% of time. Use in 50% or lower speed for control reasons.

Arrow Keys to pilot sideways: Up: forward, back: backwards, left/right: go left/right.
M to fly up (Hold while flying for inertial control help, use in bursts only, it's got a lot of lift power)
Do nothing with M to drop

It's a very stable creation. Remember that weaponry can severely weigh it down if you want to do stuff like that. It's perfectly balanced with four Quarter Engines, my design, that each have a spiral in every direction that, connected with welds, lift the entire thing and enable extreme control and keep it from tipping, a typical issue in the area where the only way to steer is to tip it.
This is a powerful little bomb that can be precisely aimed with the Translate Machine tool and dropped with T. It spins to drop bombs, and the later you press T the further they fly. Tip: Press T immediately after unpausing to become a Nuclear Missile.

WARNING: Play at 10-20% speed for better control.

T: Launch and release cluster bombs. For precision strike, put it to 0%, press T, then put it up to 20% and wait until it hits the ground for Nuke.

K: Remote Detonation.

B: Drop Warhead
You can position it as you like and it flies okay, and is very fast. It can also serve as a ground vehicle and when lowered into the Boundary Box with the Translate Machine tool up top that looks like a plus with arrows on the ends and dragging the colored arrows that appear, it can be in actual levels. It is equipped with a bomb.


Up arrow: Fly Forward/Up a little
Down arrow: Turn downwards
Left/Right: Steer (The machine must be forward-ed again to change direction)

V to manually drop bomb (Not recommended unless you want to fly normally. You ARE a smart missile anyways.)

Cams: F/G (Forwards, you must press Up to activate F)
H: Precision Drop Rear View
J: Upwards view (For a reference to what's below you when flying horizontally above a target)

Please like and/or comment what you think of it! The boundary box was an accident, i just made it in Sandbox :P
to rocket on press r-ctrl and arrow.
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No Image But Nice Rocket :)
Go forward- Arrow up
Go left- Arrow left
Go right- Arrow right
Go backward- Arrow down
Go up- X
Go down- Y
Thow bombs- 1,2,3,4
t,g, ?,?,?,?, /,8,5
Arrow key up and down to fly up or down
Arrow key left and right to pitch and roll

Plane without skins
Its just the first day im playing besiege so i build this.
F= toggle camera
R= hovering
and the rest is just with the arrow keys.

enjoy :)
SHIFT -To fly

UP ARROW KEY - To move forward

DOWN ARROW KEY-To move back

LEFT & RIGHT KEY -To move left & right
Use the keypad to do simple moves, use J L I and K as keypad to do advanced moves
Use the up and down arrows to control the elevation
Use 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 to use the weapons
Use N to drop the bombs
LOLOL i built freesby LOLO
A hi-tech (not really) miniture helicopter that can destroy entire worlds.
Its cool try it
Easy to use, fun to see, enjoy :D
heu debrouillez vous
this can fly and shoot and bomb
this can fly and shoot its pretty fast controls: x turbo boost, tfgh pitch and roll ,right andleft arrow key shoot j lift
Hello there, this is my first upload. It may be risky to fly it, anyways,please comment and rate. Thank You.
Press Return
Press Return
SOOOOO god damm biiiiiiig!!!!!!!!!!
o = Fly
v = drop the hell
? = Secret bomb
U and J tail control
No Weapons on it...

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 - Tilt
5 - Ascend
0 - Decend
. - Camera
Enter - Cut Main Engine
* - Alternate Engine #1 (Toggle)
/ - Alternate Engine #2 (Toggle)

[NOT Numpad]
Right Shift - Turbo Main Engine
Left - Rotate Left
Right - Rotate Right
Highly Customize-able
Forward, Backward, Turning left/right-[KEYS:UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT]

NOTE: You will get the hang of it once you play with it for a while. I made this machine all by myself [all rights reserved] jks you can do whatever you want with it.

MADE BY: VantaBl/\ck
Flying ship with bombs, nuke and cannons. It moves perfectly.

French production from me.
Machine for challenge
Link to it: V

Automatically flies. Just build your machine to shoot it.
Machine for challenge
Link to it: V

Automatically flies. Just build your machine to shoot it.
Machine for challenge
Link to it: V

Automatically flies. Just build your machine to shoot it.
Machine for challenge
Link to it: V

Automatically flies. Just build your machine to shoot it.
Machine for challenge
Link to it: V

Automatically flies. Just build your machine to shoot it.
1 to turn on the water thingy
y to turn on the fire
and only in zero gravity mode is available for now
and only in Sandbox mode
arrows to move
M to unwind
N to wind
V to release the bomb
H to go down
left shift is go,up is up,down is down,left and right is left and right
It has a tendency to pitch up
O - Thrust
Left and RIght arrow key- to move elevator and ailerons
this machine use the water guns with fire .

Controls: Y to to run

arrow keys to rotate
no description juste démerde toi lol
The plane that won the war.
o t propeller left and right tocontroll
this i a flying or floating car enjoy :)
This is a unique little copter I made without using any mods. It's a single-tread tank that, despite being unable to steer on its own, is quite maneuverable as a copter. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it's a flying tank, for one thing: and two because it uses the actual tank tread to pitch forward and backward.

--> READ THIS! <--
BEFORE STARTING THE TANK, SET ALL PISTONS TO 'TOGGLE' MODE! Also, switch the topmost wheels in each propeller to 'automatic'.
Tank Controls:
UP arrow to move forward
DOWN arrow to move backward

Quadcopter Controls:
Z to fly upward
X to fly downward
UP arrow to pitch backward
DOWN arrow to pitch forward
LEFT arrow to turn left
RIGHT arrow to turn right

Enjoy messing around with it. :)