This is a completely vanilla, non-hacked engine that took a lot of effort to make.
You NEED to have invincibility, drag objects and infinite ammo, because it won`t run without these.
Step 1: Press Y and wait for the wood to stop burning.
Step 2: Click on the flywheel ballast and drag it in the direction you want the engine to spin at.
Step 3: The engine should run.
Use at your own risk
When you press left arrow or right arrow the structure becomes a big flower.
It can dance in the sky too.
It needs to be in godmode.
Left/right arrow = profit

That' s my entry for the 72 contest by AvarethTaika on reddit

I'm uploading this on my workshop too
Made for Spoon. Use in zero-g. Invincibility helps, but shouldn't be necessary.

I'm slowly returning to Besiege

This time, I made an automata, it's still not done and very work in progress, but for what it is now I promise it won't disappoint.
Since it's going to push something "heavy" I made the animation so that it moves slow but also seems to output a lot of power

What's next: animate the torso, add feet instead of plain legs, animate rock, and animate a head that it looks forward, down and to the side

Hold arrow key right to set the machine up until it stops moving
Tap arrow key up to start walking (toggle)
I'm slowly returning to Besiege

This time, I made an automata, it's still not done and very work in progress, but for what it is now I promise it won't disappoint.
Since it's going to push something "heavy" I made the animation so that it moves slow but also seems to output a lot of power

What's next: animate the torso, add feet instead of plain legs, animate rock, and animate a head that it looks forward, down and to the side

Hold arrow key right to set the machine up until it stops moving
Tap arrow key up to start walking (toggle)
it has flame throwers at the bottom and they rotate.
sorry for not posting for a while i was busy with something else that i should post in a couple of days

up,down,left,right: arrow keys

one last request:
please let me know what you want me to build next. Every comment is greatly appreciated!!!
steering not good
Up/Down = Rotate Ferris Wheel
1-9 = Take a seat.
??????? Y ??? ??????? engine
Just For Fun :)
*This machine was made for the contest in Niconico-douga*
There is only one explanation for this machine.
I got bored.

forward, back,left, and right: arrow keys
This is an improvement to the last enterprise I made. This version's controls are a little different and its speed is about the same however the next one I release should be faster and a lot smoother to run. If you like sleek designs then tell me how to install mods and I will work on it. One last thing is that you can still mess with the design of it and that is part of the reason I keep my creation vanilla.

I will release more content soon and hopefully get mods.
??? ??? ?? 1 ???? ? 3 ????????????!
f-1 ????
1-2 ???? ? ?????
3-4 ???? ? ?????
t-????????? ??????. ????? ???? ????????? ???
v-???????? ??????
Wanna take a cool video in besiege ? This was designed to be very stable while flying and taking amazing videos and pictures inside of besiege!!

Controls :
E - Start engine!
Arrow Keys - Basic Movement
Q & R - Yaw
the skins that i use are here so you don't have to download skins from my creations
800+ mega bytes of skins.

on downloading the machine
you will download
Mega tank mk3
which will be updated soon and uploaded
but this is an early access
READ ME!!!!!:you might have allready downloaded some of the skins
-Require Invincibility

-Took me 2-4 hrs making this

Have fun!
I will make my own skins but not a lot maybe a flag or something.
also i uploaded a shield regainerator but it didnt go on the newest creations page
please help!
*******************DO NOT DOWNLOAD******************
if you download you will find out what I am spending so much time on!
still incomplete
An improvement on my 2-cylinder opposed engine. It's a little slower due to the need to use suspension, however I think it's a lot more powerful, and looks a lot cooler.
I actually managed to make a new engine that's not awful. Go me, I guess.
To use the mechanical arm use the letters: X and Z
To release what you have, use the key: V
Left and right arrows to control the machine.
By: Chrys
jack controles
flecha derecha
flecha izquierda
arms controles
z x c v b n
ears controles
h j k u

jack controles
flecha derecha
flecha izquierda
jack controls-
flecha derecha
flecha izquierdaç
ears controls-
u j h k
aperture sciencie
No control, just destroyed all.
Idk what to say, its not a big creation, but a fun one, and he's called Dinky...

1. Strong nose and forehead;
2.Likes to go left;
3.Has a bomb on his butt ( let go with J, ignite with Y);
4. There is no four.

I came across a GIF of an engine that worked like this, and couldn't resist replicating it in besiege, with great success!
Did I just accidentally a turbine?

Seems so! I was trying to make steam engine then saw a weird effect just like in this one happen, then suddenly it starts going around like a turbine, rather than up and down like a steam engine as I'd intended. I decided to see if I could capitalise on this weird effect and so the parallel linkage turbine was born.
Press Y to start the water cannons and flamethrowers, then T to get it moving with the rockets.
This is an alternate version of Royce's Atkinson engine, using sliders to make a vertical rather than rotary motion, allowing the two strokes to be of the same length.
All of my skinpacks presentation. To DL load it ingame and up top left it says "Requires Skins: ...." and has the skins. Click on each one to download. For @$#% and giggles press the buttons to use some of the items :P
in this challenge you need to make a replica of any pokemon .
skins are not allowed because if they were it wouldnt be a
challenge theyd just skin doesnt need to move but thatd be nice

the 1st place will get to choose the machine i next build

the 2nd place will get to name it

the third place will say what specific block it should have

i will end this challenge on august 20
only 5 people may join

Have fun building!
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The rover of movies the martian.
I decided to upload this because why not? ;)
Ceci est une forteresse fixée sur les rochers volants dans la nouvelle sandbox. ;)
8 caméras sont disponibles, certaines pour admirer les paysages, d'autres pour suivre les différents ascenseurs ou les téléphériques.
(8 camera are avaliable to see landscapes, or to be in elevator/ cable car)
pour la passerelle caméra 1 : 2 pour descendre et 5 pour monter
pour l'assenseur caméra 2 : B pour monter N pour déscendre
panorama caméra 3
panorama caméra 4
téléphérique caméra 5 : Z pour avancer, Q pour revenir
passerelle caméra 6
téléphérique caméra 7 : P pour avancer, O pour redescendre
assenseur et panorama caméra 8 : G pour monter, F pour redescendre
Use the arrow key to move :

-> to go right
<- to go left
up to go forward
down to go backward

Use control to fly
Use B to activate central flamethrower
For the Odd Contraption level. Q for left, E for right. ;)
player 1 uses RTY, FGH, VBN
player 2 uses 789, 456, 123
steam power UP to go foward down to go back left go left right go right q/e to raise those thingk in it
This was made exclusively for the "Scrap Challenge"

Use invincibility mode
Press F immediately after starting the simulation
I advise you not to try it :D
Works only in 0 grevity and invincble
it is a glich
voiture qui roule et vol simple pour lamusement
keep tapping L to contract the wires/ropes and then you will bounce and stuff, hold L to stabilize and go back together! :D have fun!

A newbie made this
Its a robot hand with a box in the back and it is desinged to pick up stuff.

engage decorations: y

rolling the ball: left arrow

J to detach rt Forward (Missiles) fg Backwards (Missiles) 1 2 3 Missile launch 4 5 6 cannons k raise missiles, i lower missiles
Num 5 + Num 6 Forwards (Wall Climber) Num 2 +Num 3 Backwards (Wall Climber) 8 raise cannons Sideways , 9 lower angle
0 higher angle x c cannons (Wall Climber) H extend pistons , q extend sideways pistons ( Missile Launcher)
This is not my original design , The missile Launcher was taken from someone else, forgive me as i have forgotten his name, i only modified his Missile Launcher Very slightly ( Original Name Was ROCKETERS) and i have also added the wall climber
This vehicle fits in the building box
judt hit L once in a while
A v8 engine. wait 6 seconds before pressing y or it will not work to full potential. this is not made by some nub who discovered that steam cannons produce recoil and made a nonrealistic engine. this solves all that. the engine is 2 stroke.
just watch
My first : 3 enjoy!
num pad 1-3, del= gears
up= gas
rshift= clutch
rctrl= brake
My first machine : 3 enjoy!
clutch- r shift
gas pedal- up
brake- r ctrl
1-3 gear- num 1-3
reverse- num del
god needed!
This is rocket with 2 stages.You need:
Zero Gravity,
Drag Objects ,
Invinity Ammo.
The Controls:
1:For First Stage
2 For Second Stage
you can place a knight on the top.
controls t f g h
This is a simple, user-friendly steam-powered hovercraft!This is my first upload, so don't expect greatness and feel free to modify.

left-right arrows to steer
z to activate engine

Do not try tot flip this machine or do any tricks, as the torch will be extinguished
This is my first design, so go easy on me.This is a steam engine that that powers a simple hovercraft-the direction the gear points, it moves. use at around 150-180% speed

left/right arrow to steer
z to activate steam engine

Have fun and enjoy:)
Q & E activate/deactivate car mode
car controlled w/ numpad

Z & C control prop angle,
shift: thrust up
ctrl: thrust down
up & down: Pitch
left & right: roll
just press y and its going feel free to uppgrade it and reupload just give me some credit
press spase
1n2 to transform
y for flametrowers
arrow keys to move

Come along and take the path from the village(to open path click C) to the down station go on the cart. start climbing(to start the cable car hold T) and lock the station behind you(click on H) when you get to the upper station lock yourself in the station(click on K) and go down the stairs and pray for the holy statue :D
dponload and use it infrint of any of ur friend u wull find the seret press right or left i dont ramember
A bug cause the wheel to warble and turn.
press space and enjoy!!!
This is a mini game in game. You are the knight in the champion. You defeat the knight, some targets (ballon, circle) and defeat the Heavy Knight Lord!

control key:
1 arrow keys is use in horse: up-down go forward- back, right left key left-right turning.
2. J and L is turning left-right the knight
3. I and K turning up-down the lance

Good luck and have fun :)
warning lagy and can freeze
not my creation
Just nothing XD
its my first machine so be gentle to me! :P the controls are simple, press N go up and M to go down! enjoy<3<3<3
Was not signed in with first upload :C

It is an office chair. What else is there to say?

Made in Besiege v0.2.
Just a large tower.for fun

P.S.beter turn your graphics on low
For the Reddit comunity