s-tank chassis
arrow key to drive.

controls-up down left right.
it car made in 40 seconds, and it are more fun.
45 12 move and h to deployed the track
Nokdu-AHTV have a three rounds of cannon which is 1000 power.
There is no worry of rebound, because it seperates when you fire. However, there are some weakness that you should worry.
1.R is for reload, F is for fire. You must press F first, because it is already loaded. Or, there can be machine explosion due to the rebound.
2.Do not press C, or there will be a lag.
3.Please use the camera, or your view will go to spaceeeeeeeeeeee!
4.You are not able to shoot ground targets. Pandar-AHTV will solve the problem soon
5.I will love using this machine for vids, even making them cooler, but inform me by [email protected]

it's controlled with the arrow keys
P to tighten up the tracks
y for flamethrowers

I hope you enjoy playing with my creation

btw, this is my first tank, so don't put your hopes up to high :D
Normal car controls

-Front wheel drive
crossbow turret stabilized by gyro
tracked chassis
play and press k
Worm on Steroids First Upload enjoy
A simple but very effective rock climber.

arrows- steer and control forward/backwards
O- activities bottom props (activate this before boosting or climbing)
Q- activates boost (use carefully)

Feel free to make modifications and reupload

shift for turbo
basic machine
A machine with blades and flamethrowers around it kills everyone passing through!
When you activate the flamethrowers it gives a really cool shape!
Flamethrower - Y
this is an offroad car if you put it in one of your videos plz comment below (i put it in a video)
hello this is an offroad car plz comment if you are going to put it in the video
POWER !!!!!!!!

time : 1 or 3%
up: advance
down: back
left: right
right: left
t: rockets
arrow keys as controls
-Arrows to go Forwards/Backwards/Left/Right

-H to extend the back piston

-V to detach things of the back grabber

-T to activate missles for little boost

-QUOTE (| # \ key) to detach the missles


-Cherry Red:

-Blue Glay:


-Mad Way:

It also works with ZeroG mode
Move: Shifts
Activate vacuum blocks: A
Activate flame towers: Y
Activate decoupler: J
Close or open cage: 1-2
Move: shifts
Move augers up/down: H
Activate vacuum blocks: y
Title says it all

The base is powered by 1 cog, which is placed inline so is easily modifyable to add an engine in the future
Has AWD with a secondary differential between front and rear wheels
A few of those fancy Constant Velocity Joints
Independent suspension

Subject to change:
Looking to upgrade suspension, this is a quick modified version of the other car base
RTC is not optimal, still wobbly because of the CVJ and I'm not sure if it can be fixed unless I build a bigger base

Invincibility on
P to unpin and H to raise suspension
Arrow keys to control

Sorry no extra features to couple/decouple rwd yet c:
And no pic, I'm still over limit
I did it, there's this mod called Constant-velocity-joint which I apparently missed

What it does is in the name, you can make a cardan with it

So upon inspection I immediately downloaded it without regret, amazing, so all that's required is 3 blocks

This car has a few cool realistic tricks up its sleeve, but I eyeballed this and it's nowhere near perfect

My aim was:
Suspension, and independent.
Differential (if possible or necessary double)
RTC steering

Suspension needs to be refined, for this build it was sufficient to have it on it at all
Differential should be powered by another gear, but again, this is a test build
Also, the double differential is buggy because of the mechanism used, it's not good
RTC steering is wobbly, but I noticed the RTC itself, and the coupling to the wheels is fine but the CVJ is messing it up

Turn the speed down if necessary for your machine
Press H once to ready the suspensions
Press P to unpin
Arrow keys to drive around
V to disengage double differential and engage RWD mode
B to engage AWD mode without double differential

To go back to double differential mode press B, then V

Also sorry, I'm over limit so I can't post pictures, besiegedownloads times out

Next up: entire car powered by 1 cog
Sorry i dont have photo :( :)
J-K for mid section
N-M suspension
Q-E stance wheel
Controls for walking are Up and Down Arrows
Controls for transforming are Left and Right Arrows
[1], [2] Cannons (X)
Controls for the car are [8], [5] (Up and Down).
[4], [6] (Left and Right).
all controll like btv 23
pls drop da wing after u have a safe landing
Closest thing to acting like real tire in besiege
Closest thing to behaving like real wheel in besiege. this one's knobbly for grip like offroad tires
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I made a car/motorcycle hybrid vehicle. The transformation might be a little wonky. its pretty easy to control. You can change it however you like. ENJOY.
good durrability, needs armor plates and any chassie u wish to build into it.

H to tension tracks
4 and 1 on the number pad = left track forward and back
5 and 2 on the number pad = right track forward and back
Made for the people mowins!

ive broken this track until i had half the wheels on one side and a uncha broken stuff flopping around mesisng with my good side and it runs forward and back with half its wheels and suspension mission AND a buncha slack on the track, stil turns without loosing tracks, first post ever.

4 and 1 on the number pad = left track forward and back
5 and 2 on the number pad = right track forward and back
Directions: arrows
this just the smail machine made in vietnam by me
add me face book :thinhngo
enjoy to kill some one
this just the smail machine made in vietnam by me
add me face book :thinhngo
enjoy to kill some one
Credit for Gravity Rockets: ArcticBearz_ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=653802789&searchtext=rocket+launcher
Credit for powered Rockets: everyone I suppose
Credit for Tank Tracks: Core88 inspired tracks, a creation I can only call the gefedertpanzer from an unknown creator inspired the suspension (I cannot find it anywhere online now but I have the bsg file if others need it), Jal inspired the secondary suspension above the tank tracks. Honorable mention to Aethereon the creator of the dire wolf for having a similar train of thought https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1SG5pbYLpc
Credit for Gravity Bomb Launcher: Elition http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600248000&searchtext=steam+bomb
Credit for non gravity bomb launcher: Orax the Windspeaker http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600248000&searchtext=steam+bomb
Credit for gatling cannon: Askhyqgf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH44CmIkAHk
Credit for mortars: gri gri https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH_5WwkukSs
Credit to Besiege This and many others for inspiring me as well. Hope you all enjoy, have fun.

Controls: y fire gravity rockets, u fire powered rockets, 3-4-5-6 launch missiles, arrow keys guide, o fires mortars, rtfg moves the buggy and tank tracks, 1 fires gatling cannon, z fires drill punch gun, V fires the powered bomb launcher, C loads the catapult L fires it, B fires the gravity bomb launcher, and H primes the steam cannons and pistons of necessary pieces. Hope its not too chaotic its still in test mode only atm.

Credit: ZombieCow10 as creator of this bsg file
Best in slomo
robot ?????????
move arrows
just a simple car, i don't really want to win.

3 speeds
totally powered by the engine

up: go fowards (1° speed)
(,), (.): other speeds
left - right: turn
c: undo(speed)
i guess thats it.
L=shoot it shoots so far
And heres a piece of art :D(i meant a piece of sh#t but anyway).
Controls:Im 2lazy to write em.
I almost never make things so this is a rly crappy and kinda laggy one.
Oh and before i end this wierd description when you get the ship(Plz dont its not worth it) press K :)
its good for killing sheep
have fun
the control is simple: arrow keys for moving, and just press T to ROCKET-ing the wheelchair.
a crappy machine for the PokeYourMom Challange ( ?° ?? ?°)
Controls: Up And Down arrow for forward and backward
Right and left arrows for steering(they are reversed for whatever reason)

Much Rotom
Such Lenny ( ?° ?? ?°)
hello to all this, and very easy to invent an incredible set, get lucky and never will fall and if it fell to those who will rise luck alone, but who in no misfortune you re going to fall, and will go around his cock! : D
hello my old acount FoxVulpe i forgot my parsword and i need to make another acount whatever =(

back to the creation u have a robot like that one in my old acountbut i added a thing...(well dont now how its caled D=)and stuff aroud u can pick up some and use the there are a lot of comands and no foto becouse..... eror? meybe idk
up forward down backwards the frame was made by lemnecraftian
Controls : up, down, left, right
un vélo avec des controle simple !
first unpin the car with p arrows to move f for camera and numpad 0 to fire the cannon
Controls Right Arrow - Left Arrow

can increase speed by editing the flying spiral .
? ????????? ?????????
my new steering
i think its decent
Amazing car
Arrow Keys to Drive
If the steering mechanism breaks so much, try invincible mode.
tower:nomber keyboard
tower machinegun: nomber keyboard(6)
machinegun: nomber keyboard(4)
canon: nomber keyboard(0)
camera: 1,2,3,4
up and down for the car
modify RC car, modify to your limits or the RC car limits modify by 11 and made by 11 have fun enjoy
1 and 2 make the torrets move up up and down for car
The Most Complicated Machine I Ever Created!
So yea good luck finding the controls!
Hovercraft that has flame throwers and works!!!
arrow key to control
0 to speed boost
stright: water cannon
ready: fire cannon
right and left to advance
c to fire canon
b and n to move the arms
It is fast and hope you like it thank you if you try it sponser it id you are a youtuber thank you :)
The reason it says V2 when you download and load it is because I originally started with the Go-Kart v2 by Battlekuh (Go check it out!) with lots of bombs on it. I then decided to make a custom nuke by it self and give it a (kinda strange looking) mushroom cloud. Instructions: Install into SavedMachines file in Besiege_Data then load it up in game and set the time scale up at the top left to 0%. Go into the settings and click the fire icon. Click the translate button up the top and move it to the place you want it to blow up. Click play and click around the middle top of the nuke until the bombs vanish and it creates an orange glow. Set time scale to 1% to 50% for best experience and watch the destruction!
4;1 chenille droite
5;2 chenille gauche
7 tendre les chenilles
c tirer
arrow keys- is the movement
h-extend arm
v-release bomb
lol this was my last version of the warcar enjoy!