Nothing complex, one button.
l : activer les catapultes
Offroading Tank with missile launcher and added downforce!



LEFT: < OR <+V


Missiles: 1-9 + SHIFT
Cannon: C

Shhhh.... It's the spy launcher!
It has opening doors and an inner missile core.

Steer/Drive: Arrow Keys

Open Door: Hold M
Close Door: Hold N until they are aligned, then tap M to re-grab the grabbers.

Prime Missiles: Hold H, then press V and B to fire.

Self Destruct: Press B before anything else and wait a few seconds.
My updated version...

Steering: Left/Right arrow keys

Driving: Up arrow/Down arrow

Warning: VERY LAGGY. It fits in the Boundary Box though, if you want to.

Missiles: D,F,G,H, J,K,L V,B,N (IN ORDER unless you want to kill yourself.)

B+N: Self Destruct

Has upgraded Steering.
A big, tanky missile launcher with Spiral Steering and an extra 24 missiles. WARNING- MAY BE LAGGY

Up arrow: forwards
down arrow: reverse
Left/right keys: Steering (While driving only. Only works on the move.)

D,F,G,H: Top 2 Rocket Pods (24 load)
J,K,L: Middle Rockets (9 load)
V,B,N: Bottom Rockets (9 Load)

Self Destruct: F+G+H / K+L / B+N
Fires 6 bursts of missiles. Has tons of armor so hard to destroy. The only issue is the steering.

Driving: Up arrow to go forward, Back arrow to reverse, side arrow keys to steer

WARNING: Shoot in order of J,K,L or V,B,N specifically, or it self destructs!
Top row: j,k,l
Bottom row: V,B,N
Be careful! press V, then B, then N, or J, then K, then L, unless you wanna rain shrapnel everywhere.
(Really, try it. Press B then N to self destruct and destroy whatever is around you. Good for The Queen's Fodder.)
Slice them all! My first machine.

1 and 2 to raise and lower the blades
[ or ] to spin the blades
Directional keys to move.
G, H, J and B, V, C to shoot cannons.
steering - arrow keys
weapon front 1 - 1
weapon front 2 - 2
weapon back 1 - 3
weapon back 2 - 4
Rocket front - 5 (following camera f4)
Rocket up - 6 (following camera f5)

camera points - 0 , 9 , 8 , 7 , (f4 and f5 for the rockets)

its fun to play in invincibility mode and infinite ammo (this way weapon 3 can be used as booster if spammed)
made By: Gaspodar
If wanted use the steampunk skin pack.
Controls: Up arrow = forward
Down arrow = backwards
Left arrow = left
Right arrow = right
C = shoot cannons
Cannons: c
Streeting: left and right and up down
Active water cannons = U
Active Fire = F
Canonns = C
T = Shoot bomb
Tower defense game,play on wyrnth (something like that) keep aka last level on first island.start waves of foes with in this order:
enter,Right shift and back space.Hopeu like it.PS soryy for no pic.
caga con c t
infierno con y
mover con las flechas
Steering ringe= N and M
Canons= C or V or B
Circular Saws= H for pistons
Flame Thrower= Y
Car moviments= Up and Down, Left and Right
This thing has 8 flamethrowers that can destroy anything within 150 meters and a rocket that has the explosion power 50 times of regular size. It can flip and unflip it self. And it can beat all of the levels on IPSILON.
um canhão alto não tem mais oque falar dele
Show off your turret with this , the turret consists of 2 rockets and also 2 cannons if you waste one of them.

Q = Right
E = Left
R = Lift turret up
T = Lift turret down
1 = Right Rocket Fire
2 = Left Rocket Fire
3 = Right Cannon
4 = Left Cannon
New steering system ! New gun / flamethrower system! One can increase the suspension will then get 2 ! In short, the latest technology friends ;-) ! But sorry , I can not find photography
by pranshu viceroy
this is not accurate (i know the method to make accurate one but needs some time nd it will be awfully slow)

move with arrows in a zig zag patern . stop when bobms start to lean
to launch bomb-
first press H nd let the back be lifted . then press 1 or 2 to delip either bomb nd then press z/c to move up nd to stop in mid air use x/c
the front part is also declipable .
you can add your own whicle to front (use the base i designed) (if you modify pls give me credit-pranshu viceroy)
this macheine is awsome just a bit of practise
run it at 20-40%
i didnt have the new version of game(i have v3)it will compatible all updates.
enjoy using it
move =????
roket's angle = t, f, g, h
roket fire = 1 , 2 , ... , 9
canon fire = c, b
v to fire rockets u+i to move rockets c=cannon y=flame thrower t=Chinese rocket arrows to move HAVE FUN
this is pure rage controls: hold x to start, t,f,g,h for pitch and roll.
this is the purpose of besiege

move arrow keys,turn canon f and g fire it by using c boosts f
press a button (cause i don't know how to control it)
Destroy city!!!
this has a modded strong weapon with steam
this has a modded strong weapon with steam
it can shoot rockets and it has two cannons and cameras
(L) to fire
(1 not on keypad) medium shot block
(2 not on keypad) long shot block
(1,2,3 and L)trigger at the same time for edge to edge shot raise block

Do not raise if you want a short shot
use up down left right shoot cannons- c hope you like- cant turn very well
I used this beast to complete every mission in game.
Vehicle can move in standing position and be able to turn left and right,moving back and foward
Weapons: 30 cannons,15 rockets,the "spider tongue",little vehicle can be drop out the main machine carrying 2 huge bombs drived my 2 rockets to the target you want.

H: for Spider Tongue
G: to active the main pistions to reach tranf. 1 and 2
Numbers: every number is used for shooting cannons and rockets,and to controll them. (keypad included)
C: press it at start to prevent little robot in the back to touch the ground.
Many more are listed in game
L to shoot catapult c to shoot cannon y to shoot flames v to detach missiles t to fire missiles back arrow to move forward up arrow to move back
Also,i have made the suicide bombers creation & this creation can be aimed where you want
to fire bombs: first press y to turn on water canon and adjust heigh by / and * . then pres and hold left control to fire bombs. Use 1 2 3 4 5 6 to use other weapons
First person view - f
shoot - 1,2,3,4
This is just a simple vehicle using the new rocket / firework blocks .
If any one could modify this pls do I dont have much time to do it but heres my idea.
Arrow keys to move .
Z and X to move the rocket holders .
T and Y to shoot the rockets .
O and P /U and I to aim the rockets .
The most powerful tank of my creation

Currently Alpha version

Press up and down to move
Press M Bring doom ( Autodestruction )
Press v and K to fire the Sawed off VK Firestorm Cannon

Enjoy it as i did

There is no control but it explodes well and grieve lague
heres new.
4 to shoot only one bullet
long range bow
12345678 => canons
y => water canon ?
? ? ? ? => moving
up and down
c to fire cannon
I and O to Hover,
Arrow keys to move sideways
T and Y to rotate turret,
G and H to lift turret,
C to shoot missiles,
F to shoot cannons,
Alweas shoot missiles first
hey guys this is a grapplinng hook and a new update is out check it out its cool
A cannon that fires bombs at long range. Five shots. My initial prototypes used more of a slingshot-type design, but I eventually decided steam works much better to propell stuff. It doesn't necessarily need to fire bombs, you can load it with whatever you want.

Aim with arrow keys, turn on steam with Y, fire by holding N.
this is a burner I made and I'm just re-uploading it from before when It got deleted ;-;
[0]-[9] cannons
1 and 2 to aim
arrows to move
It is a nuke that i made in 5 mins. The point is in the back but is doesn't matter that much.
A large tank that isn't only a slow moving mine sweeper, but it's also a missile battery.

T - Tighten tracks
FGH - Drive (tank movement)
OL - Aim rockets up/down
UIJK- Fire rockets

Have fun and sorry about me being unable to get a screenshot.
just do it
Ram everything on your way and squish them with your wheels and be
the boss of rampage!


1. 3 cannons
this race has a few weapons on it.
? ???? ??????????.
hold H then slighlty after hold L then press k when ever you feel
Aim and press L ;-)
L to fire
H to raise
N to tighten winch, M to loosen. V to fire.
shuten fire ball with l and k aim with left end right and Y,H,N,B,V
move machine- left arrow and right arrow. fire missle left control... q and e is a surprise
arrow keys t and g
This crazy contraption is made with wooden blocks and heaps of flame throwers.
if crowds of soldiers are coming near you wait until there are heaps in range then let it rip!!
it will destroy itself but will make a big fire exploding and scorching nearly everybody IN SIGHT!!!!

This Machine Is AWESOME!!!
c to shot the missile.
b and n to move the missile
up down left right arrow keys to control.
Have Fun
Has all 'weapon' category items on it except the bomb. See controls in game; run at 20%!
my frist creation
v to shoot
Pretty much what you think of it as...

Press C to fire the cannons.... (Why would you do that?)
Steps to using this Thing...

Make sure you have infinite Ammo ON!
You wait...

The reason why the Cannons fire automatically is becaus ethey are heated up...
You know that I know that when a cannon heats up it fires..
so this nuke takes that and exploits it to do this.
Left wheels 7 and 1.
Right wheels 9 and 3.
Open hatch 8 close hatch 2.
Shovel right, left.
Cannon c.
Pistons h.
Flame thrower y.
arrow keys to move
hold both left and right arrow key for boost
Fully functional Battle tank with moving turret and tracks. Controls LEFT and RIGHT to MOVE R and T to move turret C to fire

press forward left and right arrow for fastest forward speed possible, drifting is even faster press forward and left arrow or right arrow.
use the infinite ammo cheat
Light tank of Germany.
Rotate the cannon-Q,E
Tank controls 7,4 left side 8,5 right side. V to shoot glaive. Q and E bring down/up torches. Left and Right to move the front armor. C to shoot cannons
Up cannons-H
Rotate cannon-Z,V

j-drop the cannon
uploaded this anonymously accidentally, unpractical but its a concept that works and shoots across the map (cheating) simple
This vehicle is speciale to destroy strongs army or castles. The controls are:up ,down ,left ,right and k for detonate the bomb
launches so far its impractical, its cheaty but its a concept
Using the infinite ammo god ability I made a pretty good tank
Hold H to fire and when you want to stop release H and when the cannons stop firing press V to move
It is still open for inprovement but it's pretty good :)
Arrow keys to move
shift and z to shoot