move with the arrow keypad
pres left and right if you wana fun walk forvard and per v then y
Pratique pour promener mamie le dimanche après midi !
easy to use walker. up & down arrow to go front & back, left & right arrow to go left & right. automatically balances itself. hope u'll enjoy this. :)
this is a simple walker with 4 legs. moves pretty well. though you have to be slow with it.
My walker so far. Just trying to transfer it from old laptop to new pc.
la mia prima macchina
this machine can withstand bombs, cannons, fire and all that stuff without the need for invincibility mode. Need to get past suicidal yaks? use it, need to get up the mountain past archers? use it. When you are flipped over, just press 1 or 2 to flip back
and c for cannons!
Feel free to use this in your creations, but if you use it, please upload it to this site. Controls are simple: up-forward, down-backward, left-left, right-right.
Have fun!
The original version is what I saw on one of the Draegast's videos, but I dk who made it.
You can not move but if you can defend
c guns
h for the pistons

y flamethrowers

Sorry there is no option for this machine
This is a reliable cool spider (IT EVEN HAS SUNGLASSES ;D). Press num8 a short sec and then start walking normally.

hope you like it!
Searching For Challenges... Comment Yours And I'll Build It .. Also The File Has A Drunk Robot... Soz .. Still In Development..
Left and right are forward. Its a WIP just a basic walker (that's cute)
just awsome
Only armor is flammable but it's there to protect against archers for the most part,8 Legs in total if the 4 inner or outer ones get destroyed it stills moved fine.
arrowkeys to move.
Only armor is flammable but it's there to protect against archers for the most part,8 Legs in total if the 4 inner or outer ones get destroyed it stills moved fine.
arrowkeys to move
It's eazy (Invincibility) Controls left and right
machine ignifugiée,inarrêtable,freestyle

avancer fleche du haut
reculer fleche du bas
droite flech de droite
gauche fleche de gauche
baisser freins 5 6
lever les freins 2 3
direction annexe 8 9
Up and Down:walking
Left and Right:Turns
f,h,t,g:rotate the head
m,n and k,l:rotate the cannon
y:flame thrower
to walk press right and left in turn
left and right arrow keys

three fireball cannons
first press q and hold to unlock them, then 1 2 3 will fire them

press h then 4 5 6 7 to fire

flame throwers;


thank you for trying my new walker based off of the mammoth 4. i hope you enjoy causing may-ham on all leaves!
The controls are the arrow keys.
If you like it please give me advice
up arrow down arrow for forwards and back and left shift and left ctrl for turning customize if you want :p
forwards: (Up) backwards: (down)
turn right: (right) turn left: (left)
wiggle left: (1) wiggle: right (2)
breathe fire: (y)

walk: Left & Right

A majestic little twisted zebra, can go insane.
Uses arrow keys to control
An super simple machine, that is maneuverable and its perfect for multy kills
Numpad 7 & 9 back and forth will make it walk.
R - turn right while walking
T - Turn left while walking

L - locks down cannons while walking (less bouncing around)
O - unlocks cannons to shoot

1-5 - shoots cannons

NumPad 8 & 5 moves back cannons up and down

NumPad 4&1 3&6 moves front cannons up and down

NumPad * & - moves flame throwers down and Enter Fires Flame
Standard controls.
This is my first walker and it's pretty weird... Hardly works but when it lags you will laugh...UP goes forward DOWN goes back and Left is left and right is right
1. (UP)= forward (DOWN)= forward (RIGHT)
= right (LEFT)= left
2. Enjoy and leave a like PLZ!
Multimod REQUIRE
First press 1 to stable it
<- -> to move its feet
Y=Stand up if you fall back
You can add more if you like it
OK, Hello this is my first attempt at a walker, the controls are sort of complicated, so DO NOT say I didn't warn you so enjoy!
up down to steer,left right to walk
steering: with arrow keys
"6","Y" and "U" keys
"5" key

"Y","U","J","H" keys at the same time, repeatedly pressing

right left arrow keys

up down arrow keys

"7" or "8" keys
left and right to walk up and down to use trunk
Beat every level with this some are a bit hard but it can be done and I forgot a picture of it sry :/
no pistons you cheaters
left and right keys to walk
num8 and num2 to nod
and thats all DERP can do.
PS: he is derpy
Just (L)