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Twin-Barrel "Wasp" Gunship

uploaded by Thunderbat 3 years ago

Behold the Wasp!
A double-barrel gunship powered by balloons to lift itself into the air!
Ideal for taking down villages from above!
The turret on the underside of the craft can fire two times and rotates a full 360° and can aim up and down!
The vessel traverses the air while pointing in the same direction, so it doesnt turn, i did this to improve stability and to keep it as light as possible!

up / down : forwards / reverse
left / right : hover to the left / right
Right ctrl : lower altitude
numpad 4 / numpad 6 : rotate gun left/right
numpad 8 / numpad 5 : rotate gun up/down
recomended timescale : around 38%
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