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uploaded by shi_vii 4 years ago

ROXI, was built to clear all Ipsilon zones and is product of experimenting on my Black Betty design.

She is sleeker, more compact all around, and functions similarly through the use of alternative mechanisms. I consider her a proof of concept or a sister machine to Black Betty.

Features include:
Tank style steering
Hinge-based catapult and grabber arm
Two hinge mounted cannons
Forward facing flamethrower
Steering block based height adjustment
Extendable front axel

"Low profiling, high styling, & versatiling!"
posted by psilvastudios 4 years ago
Dude, I love your graphic design skills being put to use here. Very well done, my friend. And extra props for the showmanship! You really need to teach me those camera tricks. Also, check out my designs if you get a chance. I'm curious what a Besiege aficionado like yourself thinks of them.
posted by CarbonFiberNinja 4 years ago
I really like your designs too, and I don't want to be that person but I probably am... could you please check out some of my "Dual Fork Concept" I really looked up to your inventions so ya...
posted by Mohab_The_Boss 4 years ago
You seem to have descended from a medieval genius... :D
posted by Oojala7 4 years ago
stop giving it gay names
posted by shi_vii 4 years ago
I'm the one who builds them, it kind of makes sense I name them whatever I want doesn't it?
posted by Oojala7 3 years ago
another black betty
posted by leMinecraftian 3 years ago
aww, video got blocked :( is there a way for u to reupload it to youtube with other music?