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Raptor M3 Agile Semi-Tank

uploaded by Mohab_The_Boss 4 years ago

This machine is compact, easy to use(Other than the catapult), very agile and has a very good arsenal of one middle cannon, two aimable cannons and a bomb mini catapult.
This semi-tank is very easy to control, and while using it you will feel like playing a racing game!;)
Controls:(All number controls are numpad, if you don't have one you will have difficulty).
Mid cannon:c
Left aimable cannon:1
Right aimable cannon:+
Catapult: Press v to extend the piston, then b to start the launch.
Press 5 at the right time to launch the bomb!
Pros: Can clear all levels, rigid, speedy, good arsenal.
Cons: Catapult can be hard to use, wheels break off easily, burns easily, launches bomb only a small distance away.
posted by Mohab_The_Boss 4 years ago
I re-uploaded this because of minor mistake in my previous upload, thanks.