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the Batmobile

uploaded by camo5670 4 years ago

I've spent countless hours on this and have finally made an accurate bat mobile so i really hope you enjoy :)
before you use it press (=)
then control it with arrow keys

have fun.
posted by camo5670 4 years ago
plz comment so i i can here your feedback
posted by besiethebeast 4 years ago
outstanding design plzmake more cool creatioms
posted by awesomeperson3 4 years ago
holycrap!!!!!!! its exactly like the realb atmoblile
posted by crashman69 4 years ago
sick this thing looks awesome
posted by lightningsonic82 4 years ago
dude thats like the cooolest thing ever
posted by codmaster45 4 years ago
i wish that it was black so it was like the real one like in the picture next to the one in the game
posted by jived53 4 years ago
pretty good but you could make it better by making it able to fly
posted by spiderboy4 4 years ago
10/10 awesome creation

posted by psilvastudios 4 years ago
The flamethrower in the back should be "hold to fire"! Really hard to drive. But it looks great!
posted by camo5670 4 years ago
@psilvastudios thnx and yeah I know but you can edit it how you want and also I went for look over function and I'm also a big fan of your war tumbler design and I subbed you yt channel your awesome man
posted by camo5670 4 years ago
Also pail a your tumbler was my inspiration for this one
posted by psilvastudios 4 years ago
BLAZE (aka camo) - Thanks for the shout-out on my vid. I gotta let you know, I was playing around with this thing today. Pretty fun. I re-did the interior trying to make it lighter and modified the steering a little. I still need to play with it a bit more, but it's getting more functional. Love how you got the shape down perfectly!
posted by camo5670 4 years ago
Yw for the shout out and upload the new desing so I can see how you've improved it
posted by camo5670 4 years ago
Pail a do you have skype coz if you do maybe we could get in contact and work on machines together
posted by camo5670 4 years ago
Sorry I meant psilva auto correct
posted by camo5670 4 years ago
holy shit we broke 1000 downloads thats awesome thanks everyone
posted by shi_vii 4 years ago
That rearview shot is pretty spot on for what's possible in-game right now!
It's a bit wobbly but I don't think it can be helped, but good job on this.
posted by camo5670 4 years ago
wow when i made this i never thought it get number 1 on popular I'm so amazed how much you guys liked this thank you for all the support that you have given me and also me and silva studios were thinking on collaborating on making a machine so look forward to that and once again thank you
posted by imabesigeFan 4 years ago
man this is cool
posted by camo5670 4 years ago
100 hundred likes wow

posted by admin 4 years ago
I just had the 3000th download exactly - nice!
posted by district9 4 years ago
this is the coolest creation in all of besiege and by far the best bat mobile
posted by camo5670 4 years ago
im so stoked that draegast put this in his video its so cool also my youtube username is blaze creations so check that out also I'm coming out with an even better bat mobile soon so look forward to it
posted by berkkarabacak 4 years ago
not impressed
posted by camo5670 4 years ago
the new bat mobile uploaded by blaze5670 is my other account and i did make it for anyone saying that they stole mine
posted by MJD 4 years ago
like the design. only downside is that it makes computer run slower but, overall, I really like it.
posted by Eduard 4 years ago
this is epic,it is complacated but apart from that it is EPIC

posted by boblecraft 4 years ago
i think its fucking suck

posted by its_ya_mama 4 years ago
just glitches to me when i press = and -
posted by Gravattak_HD 3 years ago
posted by ryangameking1 3 years ago
Your Design is awesome so far my favorite on besiege
posted by blazingblades 3 years ago
Hey camo I'd like to sub to you on youtube, I googled "blaze creations" but I only saw an art channel of some sort. could you post a link?
posted by akramheros2012 2 years ago
nice i love it keep it up