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Bomb Slingshot

uploaded by Aionir 4 years ago

Bomb Slingshot is the apex of bomb shotting technology - compromise between powerful long-range ballista and mobile&compact design.
Features and innovations:
- lightweight and stabile chassis with aiming mechanism - providing high mobility and easy aiming
- powerful shotting mechanism - allowing long-range strikes
- double-side spring-stabilized reloading mechanism with 6 charges - working fast and smoothly regardless of shotting angle
- passive and active "pocket" stabilizer - allowing repositioning of propelling block before and after each shot - ensuring reliability, precision and accuracy

Movement - tank-like steering
Left side - Right side
[5] [6]
[2] [3]
Rise construction (aim up) - T
Lower construction (aim down) - G
Left reload - R
Right reload - Y
Block stabilizer - F
Fire! - H


After choosing place, aim by rising/lowering construction [T/G] and sideways using normal steering. You need to aim up at at least a little, to let bombs roll down. Use one of the reloaders R/Y - you don't need to use them in certain pattern, although alternating is the most efficient way. Before each shot use active stabilizer [F] and let bomb settle down - this way virtually eliminates the risk of self-exploding. Hold fire [H] for a brief moment to use full power.

Known issues:
- [bug most likely] shotting springs tend to change their elasticity to 2.00 (which should be set to 10.00); asimetric power lead to low accuracy or even self-destruction. Reload to solve problem. Sometimes this bug affects pistons as well
posted by Mohab_The_Boss 4 years ago
Amazing build brother, how do you not get the bomb to blow up even when it is pressed onto the hammer?
posted by Aionir 4 years ago
The whole bomb-magic behind this (and many others) contraptions is how the bomb ignition works. Bombs are ignited NOT by accelelation - actually they can withstand cosmic g-force and do not explode. The weight of things that hit the bomb is also NOT relevant. The point is, bombs are ignited if they hit something, or something hits them, with certain velocity - let's call it ignition-velocity.
When you attach bomb with grabber, there is nothing to hit the bomb. So as long as it doesn't hit rest of the construction, you can shot it with whatever power you want.
When you use string-propelling block - like in my build - there should be no space between bomb and block, or (if not possible) space should be as minimal as possible. This way block can't acquire ignition-velocity before it contact with bomb, so it doesn't explode as well.
With this in mind, you can build new bomb shotting contraptions a lot easier :)

posted by Mohab_The_Boss 4 years ago
Thanks a lot, although I figurednit out, I'm currently making a ballista artillery with the aimof being stable before and after shot, and have a range atleast equal to max side-side of the sandbox map :)
posted by Aionir 4 years ago
This is a nice idea, but will most likely need invincible mode to work ;) The strings power required to shot through sandbox map is far beyond current block connections durability.
You probably could use countless braces and make it work on normal mode, but with price of laggy, heavy and slow build ;)
I have found out that 4 pairs of 10.00 strings are maximum for my design. More power overcomes structural integrity and everything implodes after taking a shot ;p
posted by Mohab_The_Boss 3 years ago
Actually you're wrong.

He is the person who inspired me, just look at it! O_o
posted by Aionir 3 years ago
Actually, I am not wrong, I said it might be possible, but with a price (...laggy, heavy and slow build...). And it is such device. I just have tried it, and 50% of time it breaks somewhere after shot, and its nowhere near being fast. I agree it has enormous power, but it is totally not my kind of building idea ;)
Thanks for sharing ideas, but please comment on uploaded contraption, not about the others ;)
posted by Mohab_The_Boss 3 years ago
Okay ;)
You are fast with the replies though xD
posted by TheBeardedBeast 3 years ago
Hey! :)
I used your machine in my video, hope you don't mind :)
posted by Aionir 3 years ago
Hey! Awesome video :D I have seen some of your compilations before :) It's nice to see my contraption in one of them! :) :) :)

As for it self-imploding few times - because it's somewhat powerful, it's really important to use shotting stabilizer [F] before taking a shot and give it a second to settle down :) After a while you can get used to that and shot without looking at the machine itself :D
Cheers ;)
posted by wasdlucas 3 years ago
its very hard for control ;--;