How do I use a .bsg file?

High 5

uploaded by Ross 3 years ago

This 5 block machine may not look like much, but I beat all 15 levels of Ipsilon with it! Notice in the video:
*The machine stays intact after each level.
*I didn't use slow-mo.
*I didn't reposition my machine in the bounding box. (I did all maneuvers with the vehicle controls.)


↑ = forward
← or → = steer
← and → = reverse
g = release grabber

To launch the bomb, go forward a short distance, then quickly go into reverse and release the grabber. The idea is to vault the bomb toward your target.

It's helpful to grab objects from the environment for ballast, which makes the machine much easier to control. Objects can also be used as weapons to destroy things you otherwise couldn't reach.
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