How do I use a .bsg file?

Ultrasonic Missile Launcher

uploaded by Aionir 1 year ago

Ultrasonic Missile Launcher [USML] is designed to bring swift death over great distances.
Features and innovations:
- chassis - stabile, fast and easy to control
- stabilising mechanism - allowing to lift construction up from the ground before shotting
- aiming system - both rows can be guided separately
- 8 ultrasonic missiles - combination of bomb power, superior speed and extreme precision [see disclaimer]

Sadly, this effect was achieved by editing .BSG file and it's impossible to recreate this in-game. Even though it's not exactly legal, it's really fun to use :]

Steering - arrows

Stabilising mechanism
- up - Y
- down - U

Front row
- aim up - T
- aim down - G
- aim left - F
- aim right - H
- fire missiles - 1, 2, 3, 4

Back row
- rise back row - O
- aim up - I
- aim down - K
- aim left - J
- aim right - L
- fire missiles - 5, 6, 7, 8

Use arrows to move around. Stabilising mechanism [Y/U] is used mostly to prevent construction running into resonance. You can aim with both rows separately [T,G,F,H/I,K,J,L]. It is highly advised to lift back row up [O] if you intend to shot back row first or both rows simultaneously - it will prevent hitting first row and self-detonation. To use full power of missiles hold fire button for a moment [1,2,3,4/5,6,7,8]

- since it's impossible to recreate this effect in game, you can't click the flying block, because it will lose it's properties - and you will have to reload project
- sometimes missile is moving so fast it can "clip" through object without igniting the bomb
posted by k_blast 1 year ago
HEY man/girl you are amazing at besiege and you are so god at bulding things. i hope that you like to build so.......KEEP IT UP!!!!.
but what mod did you use to make the missiles
posted by ConTROLL 1 year ago
Holy Shit this machine is EPIC!!!
You must get more downloads for thid! :)

posted by KodigorII 1 year ago
This is a great design... I love it!
posted by KodigorII 1 year ago
Why only 3 likes? This deserves 5k+
posted by Constable 1 year ago
its a little big, but the one thing i liked the most was the stabilizing you did, when i made my rocket trucks that was the only issue i had, so thanks for the great idea to fixing them !