How do I use a .bsg file?

Tiny Box Tim

uploaded by Silver_Man 3 years ago

Just a little box. But with the superpowers to ..
Do nothing.
posted by celestin48 3 years ago
xD so ccooooollll
posted by Bio4 3 years ago
8 downloads? are you serious?
posted by jaffarhu 3 years ago
And it's basically indestructible! Good job, lmao!
posted by Silver_Man 3 years ago
posted by Oojala7 3 years ago
why do u post this, and who the hell downloaded it xD
posted by ScootenWooten 3 years ago
He is such a good little biscuit!
posted by herotito59 3 years ago
omg it's so powerfull ! it's over 9.000 !!!
posted by BlackSun 3 years ago
I just beat the whole Game with it.
posted by Lephiprosh00 3 years ago
LOL 47 download
posted by XxXpussydestroyermlg420360nosc 3 years ago
mark fans will download!
posted by spike01945 3 years ago
i made this before you but you just changed the name
posted by Ross 3 years ago
Actually if you look at the URL's, this one is number 12463, while spike01945's version is 13614. Since the numbers count up in chronological order, that tells us Silver_Man did it first. Also, the first comment on this one is 2015-05-05, whereas spike01945's commented on his own upload several times (presumably the day he uploaded it) on 2015-05-23.
posted by spike01945 3 years ago
I did make it ages ago but it was when I was on holiday and the Wi-Fi was rubbish and I thought I uploaded it didn't work and I only found out recently which was after I posted that message and when I posted it I thought it did upload
posted by spike01945 3 years ago
its true but if you don't understand don't worry
posted by Gravattak_HD 3 years ago
261 Downloads srlsy 261 Downloads what is this doing here
posted by EndR60 3 years ago
posted by ScootenWooten 3 years ago
If you are bashing people who down this yoh clearly do not know what is about and why we all love it.
posted by Terrmany 3 years ago
267 dwnloads, really? All u need 2 do is put the armor arund sstarter block??? Oh and u r supposed to put a picture of it in action or in the world not just the thumbnail
posted by haianh619 3 years ago
300 download, SERIOUS?
posted by zachtan 3 years ago
Even a 3 year-old can make a better design than this!!!
posted by Ross 3 years ago
I designed a machine with even fewer blocks than this *that can beat the game*, yet this "machine" that doesn't do anything has way more likes and downloads. I just don't understand this world.
posted by raymond789521 3 years ago
omg its so awesome!!!!!!!!!! XD
posted by jeeva_sen 3 years ago
wat is the reason of sharin this useless thing and a lot of fools r downloading it!!!
posted by Plasma 3 years ago
posted by displayter 3 years ago
your not the only one
somebody had to spam the download button
posted by Silver_Man 3 years ago
Thanks for 500 downloads its impossible!!!
posted by eltikintee 3 years ago
I think the sarcastic humor is what makes people download this...
posted by eltikintee 3 years ago
"10/10, would Box again"- IGN
posted by JuggerNautical 3 years ago
I made a surface-to-air missile platform that works flawlessly and I got only 37 downloads. Is this what they mean by "simple is better"?
posted by ARCH_WOLF 3 years ago
if u like dis shit, check out my badass armourd hell slug, make sure to read the description

posted by TheDragonZ 3 years ago
Ten Out Of Ten, MR. It Is So Complicated.. How Do You Did Such A Creation?
posted by New silver_man 3 years ago
Well... I am do this 3 MONTHS! 3 months of hard work. It was hard, and it's for You.
P.s.-My new account
posted by TTFH 3 years ago
1063 Downloads, Congratulations!!!
posted by New silver_man 3 years ago
Thanks guy's for 1000's downloads it's IMPOSSIBLE!!!
posted by raymond789521 3 years ago
this is retarded ffs
posted by Kenny1999 3 years ago
very cute
posted by CobaltcrafterGaming 3 years ago
yolo on the core block downloads man

posted by Phone1214 2 years ago
Really?!?!?!?! 1693 downloads!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?
posted by Dieguitoman 2 years ago
Better than the perfect cube (his father)
posted by MaLscrypt 2 years ago
posted by Blackestablish 2 years ago

posted by SuckerZtheloner 2 years ago
posted by Davidblack 1 year ago
the simples machine ever created in the history besiege
posted by Moonengineer 2 months ago
this is just usless and cute +1 downloader
posted by Moonengineer 2 months ago
is quite undustructable tho