How do I use a .bsg file?

Block Widow

uploaded by Ross 3 years ago

*DEFIES GRAVITY: climbs walls and drives on ceilings
*DRIVES VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE: fits on very narrow paths
*VERSATILE: beats 17 of the 20 current zones
z = downforce
x = release grabber
↑ = forward
← or → = steer
← and → = reverse

In the attached video, I do some trick maneuvers in the sandbox, then play though 17 zones. I hope you enjoy the vehicle and the video! Any comments, suggestions, downloads, and likes would be much appreciated.
posted by Ross 3 years ago
I deleted and re-uploaded this to correct a mistake I made with the controls. So if you downloaded it before and the z button didn't operate both flying spirals, please download this version.
posted by IAmGroot123 2 years ago
AMAZING!! Works fantastically well and climbs very smoothly. the only thing i find hard cannot really be fixed but i just cant seem to be able to manuvre as well on walls just because its at a different angle. But anyone reading, dont let that put you off, its AWESOME!!!
posted by Ross 2 years ago
I know I'm super late responding, but I was really happy when I found your comment. Thanks!
posted by Core88 2 years ago
As always, compact and efficient. Great build Ross!
posted by Ross 2 years ago
Thanks, Core88! That is what I usually have in mind when I build.
posted by displayter 2 years ago
doge incoming
posted by Sirniko 2 years ago
How does it work i'm interested?
posted by Ross 2 years ago
The main secret is that I used bsg editing to set the flying spiral thrust to a negative value so it pushes down rather than up. I made a video about bsg editing here:
posted by Sirniko 2 years ago
Thanks Ross love your creation always so small