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Offset Tutorial Demo Car

uploaded by Ross 2 years ago

I made this car, with 4 flamethrowers attached to one block, WITHOUT bsg editing. The attached video is a tutorial explaining how.

The car is purely for demonstration purposes, but it is kind of fun to try to win with it.


↑ = forward
← or → = steer
← and → = reverse
~ = flamethowers
1 = left cannon
2 = right cannon
posted by yackdaddy 2 years ago
great stuff ross
posted by guatonqlo 2 years ago
posted by iggy 2 years ago
Ross thank you so much for the comment i was inspired by this im a big fan you are really good at besiege :D
posted by spike01945 2 years ago
thanks for putting up that message about my machine and thanks for that I now realise that I didn't manage to upload it
posted by Ross 2 years ago
You're welcome, Iggy and Spike!
posted by IAmGroot123 2 years ago
Hey, i appreciate the comment on my cannon rubix cube and also like your builds
posted by wasdlucas 2 years ago
i have maded a machine to rule all ipsilon levels seeing that tututrial.