How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by Hafynx 1 year ago

My best helicopter. Very easy to control and is weaponised!!! Arrow keys for up, down and yaw. U,H,J,K for pitch and roll. C for cannons. Enjoy!
posted by StormySeaSailor 1 year ago
It's nice but I had a hard time going up !
Please try mine and tell me what you think : !
posted by Hafynx 1 year ago
I'll check it for problems. Thanks for letting me know.
posted by Core88 1 year ago
This is really nice.
posted by rico 1 year ago
Really nice design. Awesome control!
I designed a helicopter based on this one's fuselage. Would you mind if I uploaded it here?
posted by Hafynx 1 year ago
As long as it's not exactly the same, I have no problem with it.
posted by rico 1 year ago
Thanks! It's not the exact same, promise!
Here's the link, if you wanna check it out:
If you feel it looks too similar to the Phantom, please feel free to tell me and I'll take it down.
posted by Hafynx 1 year ago
No problem.
posted by Play_Plug_Game 1 year ago
it has great and simple controlls, although I stink at using them! :)
posted by Mohab_The_Boss 1 year ago
Really cool and simple build bro! Although I think you should've used steering blocks to vary the lift for stable hovering!

But one thing...

I swear by god, I spend so much time making amazing builds, but because if my shitty luck nobody looks at them ;_;
posted by SilverSkullJS 1 year ago
This design is amazing. since you've made so many, please check out mine :
It is a much larger helicopter. Please tell me if anything needs to be improved. Thanks!
posted by slimbifdifer 1 year ago
i loved it!, Great job, I know how hard larger helis are to make in this game, one thing though, I fly real RC helicopters, and It was confusing having throttle on the left side, but once I switched up the controls, it was one of the most stable helis I've seen. you guys can check out one that I made here if you want to
posted by TheRealSlimShady 1 year ago
i have set out a goal to make a helicopter better then this and i know its never going to happen, you should look at some of my creations i have 2 pages
posted by simple 1 year ago
I badly need someone to teach me how to do pitch,roll,and yaw using wheels
posted by gamingboy123 1 year ago
love it !!!!! :0 :)
posted by Lychka 1 year ago
This machines in video
posted by BrandenPrateek 1 year ago
its the best helicopter
posted by psilvastudios 1 year ago
Hey bud, check out my new helicopter, "SkyShark"! I improved on your helicopter design to be more compact and maneuverable and easier to design around. Thanks, again!
posted by wasdlucas 10 months ago
unfortunaly doesn't work in the new version.
posted by Jagadsatriayossa 10 months ago
holly shit so much downloder

posted by DavUser38 7 months ago
posted by jackornov 6 days ago
Hey mate mind checking my modification I added some stabilizer and steam nitro