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Bombs Quad

uploaded by Ross 3 years ago

I designed this flyer to be small, agile, and quick, while carrying 4 bombs and a flamethrower. Its height and ample buoyancy make it surprisingly stable; even if you drop two bombs off the same side it controls well. There's also room left to add more weapons or flying spirals if you want.


z = lift
x = flamethrower

[8] = forward

[4][6] = steering

[7][9] = bombs


If you want to know how I got 4 bombs and grabbers on the end of one block, I made a video about that:

I hope you enjoy the vehicle and the video! Any comments, suggestions, downloads, and likes would be much appreciated.
posted by FrizB 2 years ago
Bombs Quad ... very funny xD Great video btw
posted by TheNewDisplayter 2 months ago
dont know why you keep this machine,you made a better (cluster bomber) or smaller(wheel in the sky)
posted by Ross 2 weeks ago
This one maneuvers more quickly and easily than the other two.