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Cluster Bomber

uploaded by Ross 3 years ago

I created this as a design exercise, to maximize the ratio of bombs to other pieces. 12 of this machine's 38 blocks are bombs, so this machine is 31.5% bombs!
*All 12 bombs can be independently dropped.
*It can beat all 20 current zones.
*It can lift and carry the iron ore.


z = lift
↑ = forward
← → = steering
[7][8][9] = front bombs
[1][2][3] = rear bombs
[0][.] = side bombs
[4][5][6][+] = bottom bombs

It's best to drop the upper front and rear bombs ([1][3][7][9]) before the bombs beneath them ([8][2]). This lets the upper bombs roll off of the lower ones so they don't detonate on the bottom bombs. I demonstrate this in the

attached video. Also, make sure you don't accelerate forward while dropping front bombs, so you don't run into your own bombs. Coasting forward is safe, though.

If you want to know how I staggered the pieces as shown, I made a video about that:


I'm uploading this on my birthday, June 10th! I really hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed creating it. Bye for now!
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