How do I use a .bsg file?

Whirled on a String

uploaded by Ross 2 years ago

This 5 block machine can beat all 20 current zones! The attached video shows me building the machine as well as my playthrough.

z = flying spiral
x = grabber

Yep, only two buttons! And only one of them moves the machine. The craft spins and wobbles continuously as it flies, and the key is to use the flying spiral more when it's facing in the direction you want to go. Holding the flying spiral button tends to pull the craft horizontal and give more lateral motion, whereas feathering it tends to keep the craft more upright and give more lift. Flight is chaotic and certainly requires practice, but you might be surprised at just how much control Whirled on a String gives you.
posted by FrizB 2 years ago
I really do like that intro! I didn't even think it was shot in Besiege at first.
posted by Ross 2 years ago
Thanks! Some of the details in Besiege really are beautiful when you look at them up close.
posted by Mohab_The_Boss 2 years ago
Hey, ross, you can make the whirled on a string a bit more stable by using quarter spacing instead of half spacing by wheels! :o
(It's a good ol' wing panel trick)
posted by Ross 2 years ago
Update: It beats the new 5 zones, too! (Zones 21-25)
posted by displayter 2 years ago
how you do that?
posted by Ross 2 years ago
I found a forum discussion on this here:

XerxesBlue's comment tells you how to do it. "There is a way to make a 1/4 block. You put something on the pointy end of a wing panel after deleting what it was previously on."

It's actually slightly more than a quarter (0.25) spacing. By offsetting one block this way and looking at the resulting bsg file, I see that the spacing is slightly over 0.27.

In case you're wondering, I'm continuing to use the original version of Whirled on a String, so that I'm using the exact same machine with the exact same configuration for all the levels.
posted by wasdlucas 2 years ago
i have maded a machine isnspirated on this. the name is: the cat 7 lives