How do I use a .bsg file?

giant crawling worm

uploaded by celestin48 3 years ago

O_O really reallistic and cool

use Arrow for move
( spam up for walk)

enjoy and don t forget to like please ( ^ -^b
posted by Core88 3 years ago
Nice action and design. A drill head would make it really worm like ;D
posted by celestin48 3 years ago
i gonna do few design for the worm thx for idea
posted by Blizznerd888 3 years ago
this is a really awesome and creative design. i recommend inverting left and right. last play on 200% speed cause if you do its so fast.
posted by celestin48 3 years ago
yop i gonna do a better version thx for the advice ( ^ ^b
posted by TheBeardedBeast 3 years ago
I used your machine in my video:

Hope you don't mind :)