How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by Xepio 3 years ago

Welcome people
I am presenting my latest draft of the howitzer to you

-Time of building about 5-6 hours
Use Speed max 20-22%
Description of the action
#Unfolding stabilizers: open- o close- c
#wheels: to raise- u leave- g
#stabilizer at the back: up- 7 down- 1
#piston Use : H
~~how to soar~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hold L in 2 Sec and use V :)

Plz like and comment;p
posted by Xepio 3 years ago
This Howitzer shoting to very distant distance ;p
posted by Mohab_The_Boss 3 years ago
You're mental xepio :P
Literally mental in the extremely awesome type of way! :)
You must be Mumon's lost brother! xP

posted by Xepio 3 years ago
I thank but what you are writing but I don't know who it is this lost brother; p
posted by Mohab_The_Boss 3 years ago
Mumon is on besiege forums not besiege downloads, he makes very very big machines that crashes people's computers xD
posted by DeNroN 3 years ago
Yep this is good meby awesome D:
posted by Cupcake 3 years ago
good howitzer
posted by TheHolyKnight 3 years ago
holy shit you all machine is COOOOOOOOOOOL
posted by WildPool5 3 years ago
awesome i give you like :D
posted by Wt3ricv 3 years ago
Even cool
posted by _Bern_ 3 years ago