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Hummer H2

uploaded by Xepio 2 years ago

Here there is my latest draft of Hammer H2
time of the structure of the about 8-9 Hours

Place the speed on the 10%
↑↓ - move
posted by Mohab_The_Boss 2 years ago
So beautiful it melted my computer :P
posted by Xepio 2 years ago
hahahah :D sorry :D
posted by Shadow 2 years ago
Cool ;p
posted by Drakenid 2 years ago
Wow this detal is Perfect
posted by Blaskey 2 years ago
its exactly like the real ;0
posted by TheHolyKnight 2 years ago
This is so awesome
posted by HuntUdeader 2 years ago
10/10 awesome creation i wait for next
posted by WildPool5 2 years ago
N1, give meby cannon
posted by ElitemanShow 2 years ago
posted by wasdlucas 2 years ago
i think you are more in Beautiful and less in funcionality. hahaha