How do I use a .bsg file?

Mega Bulldozer

uploaded by Xepio 3 years ago

welcome :D
I am presenting my latest draft to you
Time build 8-10 hours

USE TIME IN 14-20%

Description and Controls:
First use H < piston
← → press all To Go
→ Left
← Right
press L
U - Up
G - Down
8 Up
2 Down
posted by Xepio 3 years ago
plz like and comment ;p
posted by Ebelt1 3 years ago
About my god but it is incredible 11/10 $.$
posted by AntonySmitherson 3 years ago
Haha good work too ;)
posted by Mohab_The_Boss 3 years ago
Xepio, your creations fill up the "hot today" page xD
posted by Xepio 3 years ago
posted by Blaskey 3 years ago
ładnie zbudowałeś kolego
posted by Aboytes 3 years ago
The Best creation in the game
posted by HuntUdeader 3 years ago
She is good ;p 10/10
posted by ElitemanShow 3 years ago
nicely you are building I am waiting for moreee
posted by davev 3 years ago
ik doe er minder dan 2 seconden over haha
maar wel mooi gemaakt ik wacht voor meer!!!