How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by Xepio 3 years ago

welcome friends

Today he is introducing my digger you :)

Time build 9 Hours
Use Speed in 15%

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posted by Xepio 3 years ago
Plz like and comment :)
posted by FrizB 3 years ago
Amazing looking! good job
posted by Xepio 3 years ago
Thx you ;p
posted by Vekugames 3 years ago
Perfect job ^.^ give you like men you are great
posted by Core88 3 years ago

Your attention to detail is exceptional. Good job.
posted by Shadow 3 years ago
good job :P
posted by MonSsSter96 3 years ago
amazing creation This is the best Digger in game
posted by Cupcake 3 years ago
this is the coolest creation in all of besiege
posted by TheBeardedBeast 3 years ago
Hey, I used your creation in my video - I hope you don't mind :)
posted by Xepio 3 years ago
TheBeardedBeast No problem :) thx you :D
posted by Xepio 3 years ago
Omg fuc... my project not save in 100% fuck... this digger is only end 70% ..
posted by Xepio 3 years ago
Sorry al for this is my fault
posted by Mohab_The_Boss 3 years ago
Xepio you're a human, people make mistakes, it isn't your fault :)