How do I use a .bsg file?

A-10 (beta)

uploaded by MJ_Air_Lab 3 years ago

A-10 Thunderbolt II (beta)

Made by MJ Air Lab.

press . to start the engine
arrow keys to control the direction
g,f to control the landing gears
press o shortly to detach the missile
then press o again to accelerate the missile
posted by MJ_Air_Lab 3 years ago
The F-104 is here:
posted by Gaurav113022 3 years ago
how do u get that much fps

posted by The_Building_Balloon 3 years ago
+Gaurav that in the corner is not the fps count, it's the part count
posted by MJ_Air_Lab 3 years ago
we use four Titan X in SLI and we are finally able to get the game running at 30 FPS.
posted by MJ_Air_Lab 3 years ago
Visit our youtube page for new planes:
posted by itamar3553 3 years ago
Hi, how did you made the flying blocks to provide so much power? I need your answer Plz. thanks a lot
posted by HeroGuy46 3 years ago
He probably changed the .bsg file, I have done the same to make my P51 Mustang
posted by wasdlucas 3 years ago
its hard to fly with it.

posted by Kevizen 2 years ago
Hi! I just modded your machine and add some new features on it. Here's the link: