How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by FrisBee 3 years ago

I got inspired by a Rainesdeuce's creation, so I give him all the credits.

Check his creations here:

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posted by Roycehellion 3 years ago
Bad link buddy :(

posted by FrisBee 3 years ago
An edit on the Channel's link

posted by FrisBee 3 years ago
An edit on the Channel's link

posted by EtellexBesiege 3 years ago
This has been a good week for Besiege creations.
posted by Ross 3 years ago
We might finally get something to dethrone Black Betty as the most popular thing on here! XD
posted by _Bern_ 3 years ago
Here's the correct link:
posted by displayter 3 years ago
FINALLY something that doesnt deserve THAT much downloads is going to take somthing 50% usless and ugly looking throne
posted by displayter 3 years ago
I vote for this to take the throne
posted by displayter 3 years ago
i actually vote for my fan in the sky
posted by displayter 3 years ago
i always see crappy stuff in the popular search and quality things like only 20 dowloads
posted by Roycehellion 3 years ago
terrible that this is so popular, cute but seriously? i made a working transmission and clutch....not the greatest thing in besiege, but this is pretty dumb.
posted by displayter 3 years ago
transmissions are only a matter of minutes tell you get bored we love things like biplanes,all levels,small things that does stuff,and of course Unique stuff
posted by TheBeardedBeast 3 years ago
I used your vehicle in my video - I hope you don't mind :)
posted by displayter 3 years ago

posted by displayter 3 years ago
i can't believe this thing has 2575 downloads
somebody had to spam the download button
posted by xcubex 3 years ago
if you like small and unique stuff you should see my jumper (Walker with one leg ) !!!
posted by Roycehellion 3 years ago
@ displaytar, sorry but this is crap. ive made hundreds of small tiny part things like this, but never waste peoples time with it. Its bad enough we have 75k catapults and 50k quadcopters too.

As far as getting bored quickly i can find few creations that bore me as fast as this.
posted by jaffarhu 3 years ago
"Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!" - Hector Calamanca, most likely
posted by IsDraken 3 years ago
Old man: Siege? Too old for that crap
posted by r0botranicrex 3 years ago
now the once might black betty crumbles under the wheels of the chair frisbee comes out victorious
posted by Kenny1999 3 years ago
Do you know why is it popular? Thinking outside the circle and high level of creativity.
posted by wasdlucas 3 years ago
its good, but the most popular first page all got supered by this: (the machine isn't mine)
posted by QrafterBSG 2 years ago
Why is this the most downloaded thing on BesiegeDownloads?
posted by Whitetiger 2 years ago
posted by Stormtrooper7509 2 years ago
the best besiege creation ever
posted by Vishop52Eliteeeee 2 years ago
no mame neta que asco y asi le dan tantos likes y uno se sacrifica por hacer buenas cosass
posted by SuckerZtheloner 2 years ago
why is this popluar LIKE WTF
posted by Milchael 2 years ago
wait? wtf why ist this the top one?! i mean WTF?!

posted by RIDDIK 2 years ago
no 1 on besiege downloads for a long time
posted by or 1 year ago

posted by ASYRIS 1 year ago
Why is this still num 1. just delete it already
posted by Twin 1 year ago
Realy THIS!?
posted by EasyConstructions 11 months ago
To download Besiege v0.60 :
The .zip ""