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Shoppe Cart

uploaded by Ross 2 years ago

I swung by the marketplace in Diom to pick up some hardware for my next machine. I must say, their powered shopping carts are really convenient.

In the video, I beat 16 of the 25 current zones with this cart, and I talk about the design and function of the cart.


↑ = forward
← or → = steer
← and → = reverse

I hope you enjoy Ye Olde Shoppe Cart!
posted by displayter 2 years ago
yay another thing I'm very exited!
posted by displayter 2 years ago
i just don't understand........HHHOOOOWWWW?
*mind blown*
*brain explodes*

posted by displayter 2 years ago
i need to play another game......
maybe i play besiege too much.....
posted by Ross 2 years ago
Thanks for the comments, Displayter! I hope people have as much fun driving my Shoppe Cart as I had designing it. :)
posted by Depep1 2 years ago
Hey Ross, recently i read your comment on my all lvls mk1 and i have posted a mk2 plz check it out. Im sure youl like it.

PS: theres a few hatters in some of my builds comments there quite funny to read and how so many people say there better builders yet they copy others. lel.
PPS: ima fan of your builds and plz check out my account I will hopfullly be more active even though school started.
PPPS: ima coppy this message to some other builds so u defiantly read it. ITS NOT SPAM. HAHAHA. HELP MEE!