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[UPDATE] Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6 Replica

uploaded by Orz_PX 2 years ago

There isn't an update function here so..

Link to my early one:

Updated rear suspension and now the arrangement is identical as what it should be in the real G63 6x6 AMG

The rear suspensions were placed symmetrically, i.e. the rearmost one would move towards the middle axle which might cause the wheels to collide. And now they are swinging in the same direction so there will be no collision between the wheels on the rear axles anymore.
posted by TheRealSlimShady 2 years ago
remember me with the macpherson strut well i just wanted to say that i tried to make a 6x6 my self and failed many times and i was amazed to see that you did it and made it look good
posted by Leon445 4 months ago