How do I use a .bsg file?

the paramotor

uploaded by displayter 3 years ago

this is a paramotor.....
the 3rd part of my paraglide series!
Lshift=spin motor(it makes torque so press left when you lean right)
up=go up (fan is .bsg edited so its "modded")
i hope draegast enjoys

please spotlight whoever you are
posted by Harry 3 years ago
I fail to launch it! How do you do it?

posted by displayter 3 years ago
1-pull it up
2-left shift and hold up
3-keep holding up until it reaches the archer statue hight (this is the best hight)
4-play around as you want but don't press "V"
posted by displayter 3 years ago
or just use the drag object if you don't feel like doing what i said before