How do I use a .bsg file?

CFA-44 Nosferatu Super-Fighter Jet

uploaded by Shade 2 years ago

This one was based on the fictional super-fighter with the same name from Ace Combat series. Torque steering proved very useful but I don't like to be too dependable on one method; So this one has torque steering combined with new steering: thrust vectoring for rolling, just like its game counterpart. Still not sure if its really affect but it has cool effect.
I started to use Editor+ because of this aircraft since I need to rotate two pair of that particular block but its too troublesome to redo the entire front. lol

Armed with a pair of your-trusty-ol-bombs (or not really trusty, tends to explode randomly when lags) and two ballastgun to emulate the EML, the experimental anti-aircraft railguns designed for long range engagements from the game. It has airbrakes which deployed automatically when performed sharp turns, it also can be manually deployed so it can lands smoothly.

Controls --
Pitch: T/G
Roll: F/H
Accelerate: Z
Airbrake: X
Launch Ballastgun: Num 5 & Num 6
Release Bombs: Num 2 & Num 3

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posted by FBSoldier 2 years ago
posted by displayter 2 years ago
i think it would be cool to make a biplane?
what do you think?

posted by displayter 2 years ago
how about YOU make the biplane and i will upgrade it?
if i can't find a way to upgrade it you win
if i do and i post the machine i win
what do you think?
posted by Lupus 2 years ago
One of the best machines I've ever tried.
posted by JJ_SHOOTS 2 years ago
May I know what mod you use for the textures? :D
posted by Shade 2 years ago
@JJ_SHOOTS, For the mod, see the video description. But the forum is broken atm tho
@Lupus, thanks so much!
@displayter, hmm? but how do you consider something changed as 'upgrade'?
@FBSoldier D:
posted by Core88 2 years ago
cool vid and plane =)
posted by CCCanyon 2 years ago
I prefer arrow keys control. How about you guys?
posted by Shade 2 years ago
^ Tried that. Your left thumb will be useless.
thats why I changed to TFGH control, you can bound something on the right alt. Sometimes planes can yaw too, that should be assigned to R & Y. And some planes can use brake/decelerate, and thats should be assigned to X or Left Shift (depending on your pinkie length).
posted by FBSoldier 2 years ago
I loved the airbrake on top. Even though it doesn't work it just looks so nice!