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Jet/Mecha Tengu Transformable Plane

uploaded by Shade 2 years ago


Based on the Tengu robot by the Empire of the Rising Sun from Red Alert 3. This imperial robot can fly to a target and transform from Jet mode into Mecha mode, and then engage with its two cannon, then transform again and if necessary fight its way out.

Invincibility recomended but not required. Just don't let anything falls off or popped.

Very hard to control, try at your own risk.

Jet Mode Controls --
Pitch: T/G
Roll: F/H
Yaw:Left/Right Arrow
Transform to Mecha mode: Hold Num 1 + X
(stop holding Num 1 when the tail grabber hits the baloon)
Accelerate: Z
Mecha Mode Controls
Hover: Hold X (Movement always by hovering)
Forward: Up Arrow
Turn Left/Right: Left/Right Arrow
Back: Down Arrow
Kick: 1/2
Disengage Feet: Num 4
Cannon: Num 5 & Num 6
Transform to Jet mode: Hold 3 + Z
(stop holding Num 3 when the feet already vertical)
Block count: 168

Requires PlaceBlocksOnGrabbersMod to work! Get it here

Might update, so subscribe on workshop:
posted by The J 2 years ago
Holy shit, this is amazing. Probably the best-looking mech and best-looking transformer I've ever seen so far.