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FAS - UAV Carrier

uploaded by Shade 2 years ago

This warship was from that AC7 trailer and called FAS from the wiki. Learning from Neutex' Flea design , I managed to create a small, working, weaponized aircraft with only 30 blocks. This warship can carry six of it. All the UAVs are controlled by single control scheme and is different from the FAS. The FAS would perfectly glide (not ascending nor descending at all) after launching the UAVs and you can forget about it and focus on the UAVs.

When the Ace Combat 7 announcement leaked and said it was on Play Station system, I was intended to buy a Play Station system only if it was released for Vita since no way I can afford a PS4. But, Namco confirmed AC7 and the trailer was released. It was for PS4... and Play Station VR! Holy shit it was the biggest hype. Imma buy this day-one no matter what!

For the video accompanying this machine, I even recreate the AC7 trailer using Besiege!

FAS Controls --
Pitch: T/G
Roll: F/H
Accelerate: Z

UAVs Controls --
Detach: J (hold until flipped 180 degrees)
Pitch: I/K
Roll: J/L
Accelerate: V
Ballast Gun: 8

Please support me on steam workshop!
posted by gren 2 years ago
excellent work.. and i love the video :) if i were u i would contact spiderling .. they pay for good videos they can use online..
posted by ZBuilds 2 years ago
Damn!!! ill give u a thumbs up just for that amazing video!! Nice work :0
posted by Shade 2 years ago
Thanks everyone!
@gren, really, they do that?
posted by gren 2 years ago
thats how i read it :

Spiderling is happy for anyone to make videos of Besiege and share them online.
-----The videos may be monetised.-----
You can also include the in game music alongside gameplay in these videos.
We would ask that together with any footage you include a working link to our website -
posted by gren 2 years ago
your video shows that there is unlimited build potential in the game... not just 2 wheels and boinking a woodenblock in the heads of peasants.
only boundry is your imagination..
or in my case a damn computer that refuses to run with mods installed..