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uploaded by Orz_PX 2 years ago

The small wheel version of the Humvee!

Featured working double wishbone suspension!

Height of the suspension can be either controlled by pressing H (extending the piston, which makes the suspension stiffer) or N and M (using winch, softer)

Link to my big wheel Humvee:
posted by Depep1 2 years ago
don't mind me just crying that there is no ground deformation mod
posted by B_Rad 2 years ago
The ground deformation mod was my absolute favorite, all I build are suspended vehicles and that mod made this game amazing

posted by Depep1 2 years ago
ima work on messaging the creator about it or even other modders to fix it
posted by Orz_PX 2 years ago
That modder is very young and still busy with school... So...
posted by Depep1 2 years ago
You tried messaging him? if so can you ask another model to work on his mod to get to work? i tried no response
posted by Shade 2 years ago
In case you haven't seen it on Slack,
I use your machine in this video
posted by Orz_PX 1 year ago
lol I didn't see it at all, but thanks to tell me!