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World War I Tank

uploaded by Kenny1999 3 years ago

This is a "proper tank" that I came up with, as I am stupid not knowing it previously from someone's advice about pistons for chassis. With this tank,
I will posting new tanks replicas based on real life realistically without the same chassis problem again and again repeatedly. At the meantime, I made this classic historical World War I themed tank. Yes, this is the tank that World War I used to look like. I'm not sure the type, but it could be British, American or the USSR.
The controls are a bit different than the usual tanks I've made previously, because this one can now go reverse.


h = extend pistons
left + right = forwards
down = backwards
left = turn left
right = turn right
left + down = sharp turn left
right + down = sharp turn right
j/l = adjust direction
c = fire cannon

posted by Haxgamerr 3 years ago
Sorry but, this looks like a WW2 tank, because it has a turret, and it doesn't look like a Renault.
posted by isshakhacker0000 3 years ago
yes haxgamerr