How do I use a .bsg file?

first plane ever made wright brothers

uploaded by se77e 2 years ago

this is my prototype i'm working to improve it and macke it as real as possible bot it's going to be hard to control. it dosen't fly right now
posted by se77e 2 years ago
plz like and click se77e to download more cool machines;)!

posted by PçGàMér 2 years ago
That's Awesome I Like Your Machines.
posted by NinjaBaconzez 2 years ago
Nice Plane can it Fly well? or is it just for looks
posted by se77e 2 years ago
for now is just for look and soon i'll macke tit fly
posted by gren 2 years ago
i had a look at you plane and changed a few minor things.
still at normal look. only made front and rear 1 block wider,
now you can have a testflight if you want me to upload it.
fly in 0 G .
if you got altitude and enough speed you can go back to normal gravity.
5 keys

posted by se77e 2 years ago