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Kirov Airship - Soviet Heavy Rigid Zeppelin Bomber

uploaded by Shade 2 years ago

The Balloons will popped if your computer is not fast enough, reduce the speed before starting simulation

Having so much fun building the most famous unit from Command and Conquer. Thanks to PBP2 mod, I can easily build these sexy curves in Besiege.

The infamous Kirov Airship is a class of heavy but lighter-than-air rigid zeppelins carrying high-explosive bombs used by the Soviet Union Air Force, during the Third World War, the Psychic Dominator Disaster and the War of the Three Powers. This version I build was based on the later, which found in the Red Alert 3 game.

This dirigible is strong enough to withstand arrow or even fire damage from front as its outer structural framework separated far enough to stop the fire from spreading. It navigate through the air using its propellers and still able to maintain its altitude in case some internal balloons popped with its propellers.

It carry two powered bomb which more than enough since it can destroy anything in a single blow, especially those capitalist pigs. Bombs are unprotected so comrade have to be careful when flying at low altitude.

Controls --
This airship uses non-standard control, I swap the roll with yaw since you won't use roll much like my other planes. I don't even know if dirigibles can roll, lol
Pitch: T/G
Yaw: F/H
Forward/Backward: Z/Left Shift
Ascend/Descend: X/C
Release Power-Bombs: V
Deflate (Why would you ever do that): Num 0

Block count: 597

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posted by Xepio 2 years ago
Awesome he is reminding me oneself Red Alert 2 Nice Work 10/10 :D:D
posted by MuratGokce 2 years ago
Command and Conquer : Red Alert 2 :) I love this game
posted by Kenny1999 2 years ago
Kirov Reporting... :D
posted by TheHOTSHOT101 2 years ago
cool machine man, reminds me of Red Alert series , 11/10
posted by indonesiabesiege 1 year ago
Can you make antonov A-40 ?????? ?????/tank wings? Uni soviet first glider with T-60 tank on the middle that can detach. Manufactured and designed by Antonov Oleg(Oleg??????? ???? in russian). Only single prototype was built and the projekt is cancelled because in 1942, this glider was tested and it found unworkable as well.
posted by indonesiabesiege 1 year ago
The"?" Is i wrote with russian language.

posted by Shade 1 year ago
I will note it on my list