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V-44 Starlifter - Heavy Tilt-Rotor Transport

uploaded by Shade 2 years ago

The V-44 Starlifter is a large tilt-rotor transport in service with the US Armed Forces, capable of transporting whole strike groups to the front, found in the Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour mod, Rise of the Reds.

This was one of my old pending project since I haven't found good tilting mechanism that time. This one is better but needs more degrees, its not 90 yet. Also someone on reddit put some challenge to build tilt-rotor quad so I have the motivation back.
Another redditor, /u/Besiegecreature also challenge me to pick his Skyhook creation with a plane.

This heavy but fit-in-bounding-box VTOL aircraft has enough internal space and engine power to carry multiple combat tanks. The tanks are durable enough to withstand airdrop up to certain heights. The tanks are equipped with a grabber to retreive field items and armed with single cannon to defend itself which can also be fired from inside the aircraft.

The aircraft also armed with dual cannon turret and single bombs. Symmetrical design makes this aircraft extra stable when hovering mid-air. Automatic rotor tilt when accelerating, and it steers by increasing thrust to specific rotors.

Starlifter Controls --

Pitch: T/G
Roll: F/H
Tilt-Forward: Z
Ascend: X
Descend: C

Steer Front Turret: 4/6
Fire Front Turret: 5
Release Unguided Bomb: B

Open/Close Side Doors: Hold N/M
Release Tank One: U (Make sure door is fully opened)
Release Tank Two: J (Make sure door is fully opened)

Tank One Controls --
Movement: Arrow Keys
Fire Main Cannon: Right Ctrl
Release Grabbed Object : U

Tank Two Controls --
Movement: Num Keys
Fire Main Cannon: Num 7
Release Grabbed Object : J

Block count: 332

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posted by Ghostz40 2 years ago
this is the best vtol ship ever, it looks so well made, LIKE :3