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truck loader w/ hydraulics suspension system

uploaded by indonesiabesiege 2 years ago

truck 4x4 w/ hydraulic suspension system. so,you can unload with suspension so easy
don't activate 2 hydraulic at same time. if you do that,the truck will be rolling to left/right and that time you can't do anything(exept break dance or someting like that)
controls:move-up,down(this type can't turn) (that's thing i fix in next series)
next type=war,economy,mini,balista,turn mode,fast mode,and stuff
posted by indonesiabesiege 2 years ago
n,m for open the back
sorry i forgot

posted by Blackestablish 2 years ago
kk pake mod Block Transform tool aja loh supaya lebih keliatan ada angle nya
posted by indonesiabesiege 2 years ago
i don't like cheat