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twin engine mini plane

uploaded by indonesiabesiege 1 year ago

can carry 4 bomb so many cannons and many turbo. turning with turbo and wind panel. like a 80's plane model. i modify the plane and i added cannon ammo rain. so with infinity ammo,you can messing around with this.
controls:start engine-up,down
detach the bomb-1,2,3,4
ascend descend-k,l
cannon ammo rain-c
good hover,need invincible god mod. so bad on turning and leaning.(if you not turn on invincible and press up and the press down,it fly backwards. and if you press up again, it will turn to crash plane simulator,becausee it sooooooo fragile)and i add plow landing,so it helpful for smooooooooooooth landing.
posted by Bio4 1 year ago
do you even know what "mini" means?
posted by indonesiabesiege 1 year ago
i know i know. i'm A DUMMY. it's regular-sized twin engine.