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Flying Car FWS01

uploaded by CCCanyon 2 years ago

Control: "Z" and arrow keys
Uses the spoiler and the steering system to control flight!!
Please, someone improve its performance on the ground.
posted by JerryBERRY 2 years ago
WOOOOAAAH! It works good! And has cool design even its fast but how did you make the car turn side ways... but still youtubers should pick this!!!!

posted by jetboss 2 years ago
this car will be in a youtube video XD on febuary 01 or 02 ???
posted by jetboss 2 years ago
here it is i may not be the best youtuber but i try
posted by CCCanyon 2 years ago
Hello @ JerryBERRY. The wings on the steering system move as the car steers, the shift of lift cause the car to roll, thus the flight is under control.