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9K37 Buk Missile Tank

uploaded by Kenny1999 3 years ago

The 9K37 Buk, was a self propelled surface-to-air missile tank developed in the Soviet Union in around 1979. It was designed to fight against cruise missiles, enemy stealth aircraft and enemy drones. In real life, the missile consists of a high explosive warhead, and a system where it can confirm targets. The Russian military has produced a lot of hybrids that uses this missile and use it until today. This Besiege version can fire 5 missiles, with a mobile movement. The missiles itself is 2x damage than Besiege missiles usually do, one missile has two bombs. Its main purpose is to engage Tolbrynd's freighter fleet.


arrow keys = drive
i/k = raise/lower missiles
j/l = adjust direction of missile turret
p = lock/unlock turret
h = extend tracks
posted by Sajmanos 3 years ago
This thing looks awsome as hell and also scary.Wouldn't like that going around my street unless its on my side :P. Nice job man nice job :)
posted by AntonySmitherson 3 years ago
This reminds me on the Katyuscha Rocket Launcher BM-13.. IS ist? :D