How do I use a .bsg file?

Northrop B-2 Spirit - Heavy Stealth Bomber

uploaded by Shade 1 year ago

The Northrop B-2 Spirit, also known as the Stealth Bomber, is an American heavy penetration strategic bomber, featuring low observable stealth technology designed for penetrating dense anti-aircraft defenses. It is a flying wing design that can deploy both conventional and thermonuclear weapons.

This is a collaborative project between Shadé (me) and Strydom.

Shadé: This is my number one favorite bomber. It looks so advanced and alien. Currently the most massive aircraft I ever made. It's so massive my usual turning mechanism arent properly working. I'm having a hard time on fixing it and this bomber might be abandoned. Good thing Strydom helps me, and now I can upload it.
This bomber is heavily armored, has six bombs hidden and secured inside its bomb bay. It starts in the air since its too big, but it has landing gears and can land safely.

Strydom: It has been a pleasure to help Shadé with this incredible, huge creation. The most hours I've put into a machine and well worth it! Although not designed for stunts ;) I love flying the B-2 and it just looks amazing.

Just like my other big plane, yaw controls are preferable for turning and roll controls are only needed for leveling the plane.

Controls --
Pitch: T/G
Roll: F/H
Accelerate: Z
Retract/Extend Landing Gear: Right Alt/.
Open/Close Bomb Bay Doors: Num 0/Num .
Drop Bombs: Num 1 - Num 6
Block count: 803

Please support me on the workshop
posted by psilvastudios 1 year ago
Hahah nice. I saw your post to Draegast's forum!
posted by psilvastudios 1 year ago
Also, we should combine our powers and collaborate on a project.
posted by Shade 1 year ago
Yeah, I post to everywhere at the same time.
Hmm.. that depends on what do you want to build?
posted by CCCanyon 1 year ago
Its huge. Your creations are getting bigger and bigger, My computer can't afford them anymore.
posted by JerryBERRY 1 year ago
I can't load the machines when the new update came :(((((((( But the machines laggy
posted by Shade 1 year ago
@CCCanyon Well, sorry D: I promise my next one will fit in the bounding box.
@JerryBERRY why? is it because your Besiege is not automatically updated?
posted by The J 1 year ago
This video was amazing, not to mention that it's also a fantastic build, well done guys.

How did you manage to fire those grenades at the bomber? Some other build?
posted by gren 1 year ago
great work shade..
that plane is a killer.
makes my computer cry ;)
posted by Shade 1 year ago
@gren Hahaha, :D next one will be fit in a bounding box.
@The J That's just a cannonball. Check how it can explode on the video description.
posted by JerryBERRY 1 year ago
I got 2 more questions how do you chase view? 2nd how did you speed up the thrust in the new update when there is no updated mods for 0.25 ? oh and i dont have steam or i didnt buy the game i downloaded it but when that problem came im now planning to buy besiege and show the real creator of speed droid
posted by Shade 1 year ago
Manually with mouse, since all of my plane perfectly controllable with one hand, so the other hand are controlling the camera.
Open the bsg with notepad, edit the number there.
posted by JerryBERRY 1 year ago
which one should i edit? and is it the 2nd question that i asked : how to get powerful thrust? ,or is it the besiege load problem? and is it the besiege app? or the machine like: Williams.bsg ?
posted by Shade 1 year ago
"how to get powerful thrust?" Open the bsg with notepad, edit the number there. yes the Williams.bsg. Find the value of flying block which has block id=14
"the besiege load problem?" Did you mean besiege won't load machine downloaded from this site? It should be fixed by now.

posted by OM222O 1 year ago
why do I crash without Zero G mod activated?
posted by Shade 1 year ago
@OM222O did you hold the accelerate button (Z)?