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Brown Recluse: Chicken Challenge Edition

uploaded by Ross 2 years ago

The Brown Recluse my most powerful wall-climber. This is is an alt version, with additional things to help it complete the chicken challenge faster. (The goal is to kill all the chickens in the sandbox as fast as possible.)

Chicken challenge:


Up = forward
Left or Right = steer
Left and Right = reverse
Left Control = downforce

Left Shift = initiate the automatic wall-climber

Up = adjust cannon to be aimed at a chicken
Down = fire cannon
(The hinges that move the cannon are set up to automatically stop at the right position, and mapped to the same key that moves the Brown Recluse forward for convenience.)

The randomness in the physics engine keeps the automated components from working right all the time, but with patience, you can get a run in which all 3 kill their respective targets. Please watch the demo video to see it in action. The run with this version of the Brown Recluse starts at 1:40.

Original Brown Recluse:
posted by AIgae 2 years ago
Come on!