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Simple Artillery

uploaded by Roycehellion 2 years ago

Easy to control and aim! Very mobile!
Just a basic long range artillery


Wheels: [7] [9] Tank style
[1] [3]

Aim: [8]
[4] [6]

Fire: [5]
posted by OM222O 2 years ago
"long range artillery"? really?
Can't even shoot to the end of the map with it,how is it "LONG RANGE" then?
now try to build something which does what it says.MOST RIDICULOUS IDEA EVER!
probably it's a good idea for you to play tetris instead of besiege Mr.CAD OPERATOR!
posted by Roycehellion 2 years ago
Long range doesnt mean end of the map. Its really cute how much you want my attention :*
posted by OM222O 2 years ago
well yes, guys usually try to draw girls attention.
TO BE LONG RANGE,unless you think otherwise which means you are a total retard!
posted by Roycehellion 2 years ago
You have issues understanding capitalization dont you? Pretty certain you dont understand the definition of "long" (your poor boyfriend) or "range".

you trolling is bad and you should feel bad....still waiting on "the best machine ever" to get uploaded....

posted by OM222O 2 years ago
you should wait indeed,as I said I haven't decided to release it before getting 30 likes.
and I say again: if you don't add anything to the normal range which cannons shoot,you haven't made them "LONG RANGE" alright?
you just made a base for the cannon,leaving it totally untouched!
posted by Roycehellion 2 years ago
You're so funny! And your grasp on egrish is funnier :D keep trolling and downloading my stuff while begging for likes on your crap. Im really enjoying it, kiddo ^_^
posted by OM222O 2 years ago
1) I never begged for likes,I'm gonna repeat what I said 10 times before: I will release the ULTIMATE MACHINE when I get a total of 30 likes on my projects.which has a huge difference with: LIKE ME PLEASE,I REALLY NEED THOSE LIKES!
2)If you think I'm downloading your craps,WELL PLAYED! I don't download junk shits!
3)If you think I'm a kid,feel free to think so,I wish I could go back in time and become a child again!
4)It's not anything personal and I don't really understand your pain anyways! You seem to like making others look bad for some reason and you can't tolerate to see other people are doing better than you.