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tank base w/ ezra febrian

uploaded by indonesiabesiege 2 years ago

a very simple tank base that's working for climbing. i can't build it myself becuz i can't build tank, so last night ezra and i build this and worth it.
foward, left, right-left, right arrows
very fast, but very slow at turning. sorry i didn't post at the long time
not too fragile, at least.
sorry for name. i want name it tank base but ezra want name it kimochisan.
the name it's just for fun you know! don't think that thing in-front-of computer.
posted by indonesiabesiege 2 years ago
for a info, Ezra Febrian is my friend. and sorry for not introduce myself. my name is khadhroo shaquille rifqi. you can call me aldo.
this is my friend,Ezra Febrian. you can call himm Ezra, Lewis, Nimitz, or Ezura. knews world war II. and some of generals. because of that he knows tank.
this is his work and i upgrade it a little bit.
his facebook name now is Lewis Ezura
posted by indonesiabesiege 2 years ago
sorry for long no post actually i not connect into internet for a long time.

posted by indonesiabesiege 2 years ago