How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by Blitsplatapus 1 year ago

-Arrow Keys to move
-</> for the mouth
-? to breath Steam Cannon
-:/"/K/L for the lower turrents
-O/P/ [ / ] to Chop
-U/I/H/J for the Arm
-N/M to TurnAround
1/2 for the Duo Cannons to Shoot
3 for the lower Turrent to Shoot
4 for the shotgun to Shoot
5/6 for the Spread cannons
7 Artillery Cannons

: this is the bigger Version of "OMEGA 1" it has a lot of weaponry than the first one
but it's vulnerable and that's why we need to put it to invincibility. unlike the
"OMEGA 1" you can play it without Invincibility mode but lack of weaponry
"OMEGA 2" has more weapons whether it's Melee and Range. "OMEGA 2" has a
Destructive Weapon the Cryo Cannon 34 (the Steam Cannon) it can blew everything
it's path.for me this is the biggest creation i ever built in besiege it is the most epic
one the most badass. maybe one day i will make the "OMEGA 3" in the next Future build
posted by xTGEKTx 1 year ago
build the omeg-3 !!!