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Brotherhood of Nod's Banshee

uploaded by StrydomCreations 2 years ago

The Banshee is an advanced fighter craft developed by the Brotherhood of Nod that appears in the Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun.
This macnine is fast, agile, can survive a few crash landings, and has an automatic takeoff! Perfect for incredible stunts. Anyone can fly this!

~X: Thrust
~TFGH: Pitch and Roll
~RY: Yaw
~J (toggle): Automatic Takeoff (VTOL)
~L/R arrow keys: Cannons

~This plane can take off on it's own! Hit 'J'.
~Be careful using the cannons while in VTOL mode, they have quite strong recoil.

Background Info:
The Banshee is extremely thin, compact and very heavily armored. Its speed and armor mean that the Banshees nearly always return from missions.The Banshee was named after a female spirit from the Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld - a fitting name indeed, given its weapons can send screaming plasmatic death towards its target(s). Humorously, when the Banshee is shot down in Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun, the pilot merely says "whoops" calmly before crashing into the ground, unlike other aircraft pilots in the entire series, which scream or yell out help before they crash.

Enjoy :)
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