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Spunky, the Metal Hedgehog [Drako, Draegast'd]

uploaded by Drako 2 years ago


Hey guys, since v0.25 we can assign keys to drills movement, it means that now they can become wheels, awesome thing. I present you Spunky, a machine that destroys everything it touches into 360 degrees :) also is 100% fireproof and has a high durability thanks to its block composition.

It usually plays with Metal Snake...
Can become your new pet :D
Try to hug it :D

Movement: Arrow keys
Move drills: Right Shift/Control
Roll: Z, X

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Featured by Draegast in this video:
posted by Atlass 2 years ago
mods that you used
posted by Drako 2 years ago
TGYD mod to rotate, move, copy blocks :)
posted by Atlass 2 years ago
How you resize block
posted by Drako 2 years ago
PBP2 mod or edit .bsg files with worpad