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Autotransport Truck 5 in 1 vehicles [Drako]

uploaded by Drako 2 years ago

With 602 blocks it becomes a big machine, there is a "smaller version" with only 376 blocks:

Start the machine with 25 FPS or more, or some random blocks may crash (like all other machines).

Autotransport truck with 5 different vehicles inside!
Microtank - 1 ranged bomb. 1 grenade launcher. 4 saws. fireproof.
WallClimber - 1 long range missile.
FireCar - 1 flamethrower. 1 water cannon. 2 ballast guns.
MicroPlane - 1 spike. easy to control and glides extremly well.

I hope you don't hate me for building a machine with all this controls, and i hope you get used to the controls to use them without problems!


Movement: T G F H
Open/close Rear ramp: Left Shift / Left Control
Ground grabbers: Left shift (automatic opening the ramp)
Ungrab MicroTank: 1
Ungrab Wall Climber: 2
Lower/Raise Upper ramp (to use fire car): 3 - 5
Ungrab Fire Car: 4
Ungrab MicroPlane: 6
Ungrab Trailer: V

Movement: Steering Tank, arrow keys
Launch bomb: 1 (numpad)
Launch grenade: 2 (numpad)
Explote grenade: 0 (numpad)

Movement: 8, 5, 4, 6 (numpad)
Launch missile: 7 (numpad)
Activate wall climber mode: 9 (numpad)

Movement: I, K, J, L
Extend Flame/Water cannon: right shift / right control
Water Cannon: U
Flamethrower: O
Ballast guns: P

Movement: T, G, F, H
Accelerate: X


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posted by youwillneverwalkalone 1 year ago
duuuuuddeeee... wtf did I just watch :)))) wow. quite interesting.. details are so good
posted by SuckerZtheloner 1 year ago
what a detail OH MY THE DETAIL IS JUST AWESOME great one i might create a truck like that with the scale mod but i wont steal your truck
posted by Drako 1 year ago
sure no problem! This one is a "old" creation, no one featured it xD so many controls too, but i like it so much. Thanks for comments!