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V-50 Jumphawk [Paired Version] -Expansion Machine-

uploaded by Shade 2 years ago

This machine needs Gipsy Danger in order to work, so don't forget to download to Drako's Jaeger first before you playing.
Get it here

Get the stand alone version of Jumphawk here

I designed the helicopters used to transport Drako's Jaeger. The V-50 Jumphawk is a VTOL twin rotor aircraft used in Jaeger deployment. Jumphawks work in groups, travel long distances and safely drop individual Jaegers into battles.

You will need 150-180 real world Chinook helicopters with lots of rigging to carry a Jaeger.
Del Toro managed to carry Gipsy Danger, a 1.980 tons with eight fictional aircraft called V-50 Jumphawks with steel cables.
I managed to carry Drako's Gipsy Danger with only two Jumphawks with simple ropes in Besiege.

Huge thanks to the Besiege community for helping me realizing a tandem helicopters.

1. Get a Modloader if you haven't

2. Install TGYD's Building Tools.

3. On the "Load Machine" page you will find a new button that is for importing machines to the machine you already have. Find the Gipsy Danger there and click import button.

Controls --
Pitch: Num 8/Num 5
Turn: Num 4/Num 5
Forward Engine: Z
Ascend: X
Descend: C
Raise/Lower Rope: N & M (default)
Detach: B

Tips on how to lift the Jaeger
Raise the rope (hold M) at the same time while pressing Left+Right repeatedly at the same time (to detach the grabbers on her feet)
or.. start at higher ground after you import the machine

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posted by OM222O 2 years ago
cool design but totally unusable! what is your PC? a super computer or something? Please use less parts and go smaller so we cat at least test them :(
I love the PACIFIC RIM design but I can't use it as my FPS gets around 2!
posted by Shade 2 years ago
At what timescale do you try to run this thing? Don't try to run a big machine at 100%
I'm on a laptop and can run this smoothly at 60%, but when the Jaeger was added, I have to run it at 20%.
This design was proportional to the rotor size and disc loading ratio it needs to lift the Jaeger.
The purpose of this machine is to be used in that video, so I can't neglect aesthetics to conserve parts and I don't expecting many people play it since it has almost 2000 parts when combined with the Jaeger.

If you want, you can get the stand alone version of Jumphawk which consist a single helicopter here

posted by darthcreeper 2 years ago
lol was he seriously playing at 100????
posted by TonyThekid 8 months ago
Why I cant load gipsy up?